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Eating Disruption for Lunch: Digesting Decentralization

In this podcast, innovative thinkers Frank Diana, TCS and Timo Elliott, SAP  along with a renowned futurist discuss the exciting disruption that will occur when de-centralization accelerates.

In the industrial age, businesses grew by utilizing centralized services. Railroads and electric power companies are two examples of industries where companies expanded to improve the services they delivered. The bigger they became, the better they could service their markets. In the paradigm shift that is emerging in 2015-2020, technology is enabling de-centralization.

Access this engaging discussion that explores:

  • The exciting disruption that will occur when de-centralization accelerates
  • Next generation examples of how businesses can utilize new technologies
  • Impact of leadership and management in enabling change
  • Characteristics that organizations need to thrive in our digital era


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