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Leading Trends and Issues in Healthcare: Making the Case for Enterprise Transformation

In this white paper, we highlight the business and technology drivers behind the 10 leading issues challenging the healthcare industry and share recommendations for transformation programs that refine business models to improve outcomes and reduce cost.

Studies reveal that healthcare expenditure, costs and premiums in the US are increasing, forcing providers and payers to change their business models and institute measures that will reduce cost while maintaining their profitability and market share. Our research points to the ten leading trends that are driving change in the healthcare industry:

  1. Emergence of the Affordable Care Act regulation
  2. New payment models
  3. Shift from volume-based Fee-For-Service to value-based outcome
  4. Big Data analytics and population health management
  5. Challenges faced by providers including new technology and data security
  6. Increasing risk of business as new patients with chronic conditions enter delivery systems
  7. Growth of post-acute healthcare institutions and preventive care
  8. Increase in retail consumerization, customer centricity, and health insurance exchanges
  9. Rising involvement in the Digital Five Forces: Mobility, social media, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence
  10. Increasing challenges of mergers and acquisitions

Next steps

By looking at the key transformation drivers associated with these major trends, healthcare providers can better devise enterprise-wise initiatives to ensure they can best serve their customers, gain market share and reduce cost.

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