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The Evolution of an Era: Customer Experience in Retail

Informed retailers must now understand what their priorities are and what they should be for the future. To better understand this, TCS and Oracle independently launched CX-focused surveys to uncover what retailing leadership found important today. Both studies found retailers working to create more customer loyalty through their CX strategies.

Today’s retail customers are changing quickly, forcing retailers to keep up with their new demands and continue to adapt their business models to reflect this power shift. Customers have more control over their shopping experiences as they have access to more channels and retailers. Therefore, they are increasingly accessing and using information in new ways, both from the retailers they shop and beyond.

Searching for CX Answers and Insights: Two Studies Come Together
Serious questions require serious answers. To learn more about the retailers’ key challenges, opportunities, actions and results with CX, both Oracle and TCS launched surveys and accompanying studies to customer-facing business executives in the retail and other industries. Just as Oracle and TCS come together to deliver retail business and technology solutions. It made sense to compare these two studies to see if we could further confirm our independent findings, hence, building a more robust insight than either study on our own.

The Path to Optimal CX
The joint experience of Oracle and TCS suggests that retailers should be pursuing specific tactics to succeed with their CX initiatives. While not exhaustive, some of these focus areas should include the following:

  • Deliver a consistent customer journey
  • Embrace omni-channel experiences
  • Provide contextual experiences
  • Build a unified view across channels
  • Deliver personalized experiences
  • Master customer analytics
  • Prioritize people, training and knowledge management
  • Leverage the right tools and technology

Learning what leaders in the retail market think about CX gives a view to the state of the industry, and by extension, the state of the customer. The best retailers will listen to their customers, design the right interactions, and deliver every time. This is the future of CX for retailers, and the best are defining what it looks like.

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