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TCS’ SAP Perfect Plant CoE in Cincinnati, Ohio delivers world-class manufacturing solutions

Bryan Werwick, TCS Program Manager for the SAP Perfect Plant Center of Excellence in Cincinnati, explains how TCS partners with SAP to offer a true ecosystem to test and deliver end-to-end manufacturing solutions utilizing the latest SAP technologies.




Manufacturers require end-to-end transparency from their shop floor to ERP systems—with advanced reporting at every stage of the business—to enable smart decisions on the basis of real-time data.

TCS’ Perfect Plant Center of Excellence in Cincinnati, Ohio replicates a manufacturing facility to test out the latest SAP technology and drive innovative, comprehensive solutions that are proven before implementation. As a Global Partner with SAP, TCS integrates SAP ME, SAP MII, and SAP Hana—the latest in-memory big data analytics tool—to deliver full-service solutions.

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