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2016 Prediction – What’s the next best thing?

A panel of thought leaders including Frank Diana, TCS and Nick Robinson, SAP share their insights and predictions for 2016 on technology, strategy and trends.

Are you searching for a crystal ball to see what 2016 holds for your company, industry and the world?

As 2015 comes to an end take a sneak peek into the future. Get insights and lighting speed predictions from a panel of thought leaders on the technologies, strategies, and trends that can help your business grow and compete better in 2016 and beyond.

The predictions from the experts include -

  • 2016 will be seen as the year of the D’s: data, digital, and disruption
  • There will be ‘Great UX Awakening’ in information technology
  • Business model innovation and growth will be an intense focus - this will be ‘the year of experimentation and the prototype.’
  • The percentage of enterprises creating advanced digital transformation initiatives will double by 2020 - a great amount of activity will be seen around data analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence

Listen to the SAP Radio Session with host Bonnie D. Graham and a set of expert panelists as they discuss on what the future unfolds and get insights to plan better for 2016. The panel of speakers include:

  • Frank Diana, Principal, Business Evolution, TCS
  • Jackie Ato, Customer Value & Adoption Consultant
  • Nick Robinson, Digital Strategy Lead, SAP North America

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