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Driving airline revenues and profitability by delivering great customer experiences

TCS and Oracle Corporation independently launched CX focused surveys to uncover what airline leadership finds critical to execute today. Both studies found that the airlines are working towards gathering passenger data and understanding customer priorities, enabling all customer touch-points and creating consistent cross-channel experiences through their personalized CX strategies.

CX Insights: Two Studies Come Together
To learn more about the key challenges and the opportunities, independent surveys and accompanying studies to customer-facing business executives in the airline and travel industries were undertaken. These two studies were compared to confirm their independent findings, building a more robust insight than either study could provide standalone. Oracle’s CX study included over 1,300 senior executives across 18 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific from  the airline and travel industry. TCS’ CX study was based on 219, US and UK executives with 25 percent of those in the airline and travel industry.

Getting started: Create the CX Vision and Strategy
CX means different things to different airline and travel companies. According to the TCS study, when travel executives were asked, “What does customer experience management mean to your organization?” most responded with “To be agile, allowing us to quickly adjust to business demands.” In this sense, great CX is the ability to be operationally agile. With this in mind, the first step is to create or revisit your CX strategy so that your organization will know what they should do to both capitalize on CX benefits and move quickly in the marketplace.

CX is not a new discipline, but one that is arguably growing in complexity faster than before because of the power moving into the hands of the customer and the rapid channel shifts and adoption patterns of the customer base. Delivering the right customer experience is fundamentally about harnessing customer information to gather key insights about customers and then using that information to impact how airlines interact with their customers across all touch-points. The idea is to convert these cross-touch-point interactions into contextual, immersive, consistent engagements so that the customer is encouraged to return, repurchase and advocate.

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