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Moving up the Customer Care Ladder with a Maturity Model

In this paper, we explore the multi-dimensional factors influencing the maturity level of a customer-care organization. We also present a process-centric model for assessing customer care as an effective management tool to determine the capabilities of B2B and B2C scenarios.

The goals of customer care organizations are fairly standard across industries. Even though most organizations outsource their front desk, customer care processes need to be deeply rooted within the organization to keep them in sync with their overall brand philosophy.

Companies need to invest both time and money to develop the most sophisticated technologies and recruit the right set of people to improve customer care maturity. Businesses must also understand that adopting the latest technologies without improving processes is only likely to make existing processes more expensive. Likewise, focusing only on processes and people without leveraging the latest technology can result in complex manual operations and higher training costs.

The customer care maturity model explained in this whitepaper, enables businesses to look at customer care in the broader context of evolving customer behavior and emerging digital technologies. It is based on the evolution of customer service - from a purely telephone-based model to futuristic, intuitive, seamless, and smart customer care. It highlights the unique qualities of each maturity level and helps customer care organizations to evolve by identifying and bridging the differences between levels.

Customer care teams need to shift their focus to superior performance metrics to drive connected experiences and build loyal customer communities. By moving away from merely resolving issues to anticipating customer needs, they can put customers at the heart of the enterprise, creating enduring success stories. Leveraging a holistic maturity model helps businesses rewrite their customer care vision to truly reflect their brand philosophy and address the evolving needs of customers.

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