TCS’ enterprise real-time radiopharmacy solution helps enhance patient safety and ability to serve customers

TCS implemented a real-time radiopharmacy system that helped Cardinal Health produce & deliver high-value, short-shelf-life products timely and efficiently, thus improving customer satisfaction.

About the client
Cardinal Health is a Fortune 19 company that helps pharmacies, hospitals, and ambulatory care sites improve focus on patient care, while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing profitability.

Business Challenge
The legacy system at Cardinal Health was unable to pinpoint the exact time when radiopharmacies should procure highly expensive and short half-life radioactive materials to ensure the proper patient dosages— the shelf life of radioisotopes is measured in minutes rather than days. Cardinal Health was unable to prevent inefficiencies and track orders in real time, and also its decentralized billing, invoicing and accounting systems made it difficult to monitor and control revenue and vendor payments. Its end-of-month inventory and cost accounting processes also proved to be complex and costly.

TCS' Solution
The TCS solution was to establish a real-time pharmacy system that would allow Cardinal Health to produce and deliver its high-value, short-shelf-life products throughout the supply chain in a more efficient and timely manner. The solution needed to deliver direct visibility into orders, inventory, financial information and the location of orders as they tracked across the supply chain to radiopharmacy customers.


  • Reduced manual error across the supply chain, which dramatically lessened incorrect orders and the need to dispose of “waste” prescriptions
  • Optimized delivery routes used by drivers and proper check-offs along the process received using each driver’s tablet computer
  • Real-time visibility into financial performance
  • Reduced time through centralized customer billing, using centralized vendor invoices with three-way match (purchase order, goods receipt, vendor invoice) and end-of-month accounting processes
  • Transformation from a custom pricing algorithm in legacy systems to Standard SAP Pricing 

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