US health care company recreates its online presence and improves customer satisfaction

A US healthcare company partnered with TCS to design and consolidate its multiple web operations under one umbrella thereby improving customer satisfaction by providing relevant customer information with a personalized experience across channels.

The Customer
TCS' client is a leading health care company offering a range of insurance products and health and wellness services that incorporate an integrated approach to lifelong well-being. It is one of the largest U.S. Medicare providers and operates in three segments: Retail, Employee Group, Healthcare Services.

Business Challenge
The client went through a period of rapid acquisitions, gaining seven new brands in less than five years. With the new additions, the core brand became diluted, negatively impacting its ability to increase new memberships and renewals.

TCS was selected as a partner to revamp the client’s online presence in order to strengthen their brand and integrate the disparate digital properties including web, mobile and social media, to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience.  

Our experience in delivering large digital transformation programs and expertise in user experience management was the key differentiator for the client.

TCS' Solution
TCS' Integrated Digital Experience Solution team worked closely with the company's digital marketing team to create a unified brand experience by synthesizing the organization's many faces. Based on the branding guidelines, we realigned previous product-centric communication to customer-centric messaging, with clear emphasis on personalized content.

In keeping with the client's primary goal of building trust, the unified health care portal included prominent privacy and security statements and features. By utilizing a multi-shore approach to deliver the program from five different locations using Agile Scrum methodology, we provided a speedy yet cost-effective solution. We drew on the expertise of TCS' Mobility, Assurance and Connected Marketing consultants to effectively deliver this engagement.

Business Benefits
The health care company now has an impressive online portal that serves as an interface for all its products and services.

Our client utilizes the solution's strong analytics abilities and powerful dashboards to gain a 360° view of use and performance of its site across all channels. The health care company now harnesses our online solution to deliver rewarding user experiences, step up customer engagement efforts and campaigns and streamline operations.  

  • Multi-channel service anywhere, anytime for any target segment
  • Deep member penetration due to a centralized outlook for each insured
  • Improved ability to sell niche packages, along with greater cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, with faster time-to-market

Greater customer satisfaction, as multi-channel availability allows customers and prospects to interact with the health care provider on their own terms.

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