From Information to Insights: Business Intelligence for Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations

Today, non-profit healthcare organizations are struggling in the wake of changing business environment, primarily because of digital disruption and funding issues. This paper discusses how these organizations can overcome their challenges by integrating efficient use of business intelligence (BI) in their systems.

Given the fact that digital innovations and enhancements are continuously disrupting traditional business models, there stands an urgent need for non-profit healthcare organizations to start treating data as an asset and begin leveraging the benefits of business intelligence.

So what should a non-profit healthcare organization do?
A non-profit healthcare organization generally develops reports based on donor contributions per business unit. The problem is that these reports are not integrated with organizational data. Hence, such organizations must implement a BI solution which can streamline enterprise-wide data management. Following are the building blocks of this approach:

  • Integrating 720 degree view of customer- A system that keeps a record of each and every minute interaction the customer had within any department of the organization.
  • Setting up a “Customer Hub”- To be able to efficiently combine data from all available sources in the organization, the data coming from multiple silos should be easily configurable and extensible. Thus maintaining a “Customer Hub” is suggested.

The future of non-profit healthcare organizations rests on building a solid donor base. These organizations must lead in this direction driven by in-depth analytics insights and making the right use of available information. For detailed thoughts on how non-profit healthcare organizations can leverage the use of business intelligence in order to secure their future, suggest reading the point of view.

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