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Software Quality Guardian®


Get a solution that optimizes the high maintenance costs associated with tracking and measuring coding and architectural standards. 

The TCS Advantage | Services | Benefits

The TCS Advantage

  • Bundled with other testing services or independently run, our services primarily focus on your most business-critical applications, where our domain knowledge gives you a competitive edge.
  • Our structural quality Center of Excellence (CoE) employs highly qualified technology and architecture experts, ensuring a cost-effective assurance service that brings you tangible improvements in business results. They also share responsibilities over multiple projects.
  • The re-usable assets that are enhanced over time also improve  productivity and reduce time-to-market.

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Services We Provide

Due to the multi-sourcing model adopted globally, outsourcers deliver release after release in quick succession, requiring an increased emphasis on risk mitigation in mission-critical systems. To establish and enforce a set of best practices and standards, it is critical to constantly monitor the evolution of structural quality. Such a process provides the management visibility in managing critical applications and various portfolios.

Our SQG solution addresses these needs by ensuring sound structural quality of applications, and regularly addressing new critical violations. This results in overall technical debt reduction and provides you the intelligence for accurate decision-making.

SQG service is executed when various software sub-systems are available in parallel for system testing. At this stage, applications are structurally assessed for not only the individual sub-systems, but also for the interactions across technologies. As a consequence, you enjoy comprehensive, assured, and holistic application quality rather than mere code quality.

The ongoing SQG assessment helps you constantly improve the structural quality of applications. By keeping track of the new violations that are introduced in each release, you control them in an iterative process of assessment and development.

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  • Baseline, measure and enforce structural quality delivered by outsourcers
  • Reduce risks and cost of failure in production by providing holistic application quality
  • Reduce time-to-market & improve productivity
  • Manage visibility of mission- critical applications
  • Reduce technical debt

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