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Test Data Management


Save infrastructure costs and protect your data by reducing storage footprints of test environments. 

The TCS Advantage | Services | Benefits

The TCS Advantage

The TCS-Informatica partnership - TCS and Informatica have a decade long partnership. As a preferred INFA partner, we not only have significant exposure to the beta version of the product, but also offer continual product improvement recommendations. Our mature partnership ensures continuous support from INFA  throughout the sales and delivery lifecycle to ensure delivery excellence and world-class implementation.

Test Automation Lab (TDM) - This optimizes the overall test automation effort with best-in-class testing practices including in-house frameworks, automation strategy, and ready-to-deploy solution accelerators. The Test Automation Lab (TDM) adds the following features to the EntTDMS (Enterprise Test Management Solution) offering:

  • Data adaptors that provide linkages between test data that is subset and masked to test cases stored in test management tools like HP QC, IBM RQM, TestLink, and RTH
  • Data validators to ensure correctness and completeness of the subset and masked data
  • Development of tools for synthetic test data creation to enhance the test coverage with all possible combinations of test conditions

Services We Provide

We offer end to end enterprise-wide test data management services (EntTDMS) which includes data consulting (assessment and diagnostics), data masking, data subset, and archiving strategy.

  • Data Consulting: Includes data quality assessment to assess right size qualified data for development and test requirement. This leads to informed investment decisions for infrastructure and archiving.
  • Data masking: Includes data masking for heterogeneous applications in a scalable context. This feature provides comprehensive data support, ensures compliance with data masking accelerators, and implements data privacy policies.
  • Data subset: Includes central management of databases, enterprise application subsets and creation of data subsets across heterogeneous applications and databases. The feature also tracks provisioning of data through comprehensive audit logs and reports. Also, broad connectivity and custom application support readily customize database subset policies according to individual business requirements.
  • Data archiving: Supports the archiving of inactive and unstructured data to optimize performance. This feature ensures seamless data access, data backup, built-in data compliance, and pointers for data growth analysis.

The EntTDMS services may be availed in a stand-alone version or embedded with our Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) services. In the TCoE engagement model, we enable you to create a test organization that provides complete testing services.


  • Improved data privacy through data masking techniques and risk mitigation through reduced data exposure
  • Reduced test cycle time due to cloned data subsets resulting in a quicker test data set up
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines such as Basel, SOX, SEPA, PCI, and Solvency
  • Optimized infrastructure, storage costs and TCO