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Midstream Solutions


Plan and automate your pipeline operations to enable substantial savings in the surveillance of the pipeline with TCS’ Midstream Solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The TCS Advantage

With over 40 years of variegated experience in IT, we have served more than 20 pipeline organizations across the globe in multiple technologies including enterprise solutions, asset management, GIS, SCADA, control and remote surveillance systems.

We have also developed a holistic approach to manage pipelines by assimilating SCADA with GIS, asset management and niche applications of pipelines.

Solutions We Offer

  • GP SCADA merges the pipeline surroundings and displays the SCADA parameters and signals in the environment where the pipeline is passing through.
  • Integrated Pipeline Management System (IPMS) is designed to take care of integration of various applications used in the pipeline companies.
  • Pipeline Demand Forecasting provides you with forecasted throughput for your as well as your competitor’s pipeline infrastructure in both long range (twenty years) and short range (one year)
  • Pipeline Stress Modeling and Failure Prediction Application provides you with the calculation and 3D visualization of the pipeline stress and probability of pipeline integrity failure.
  • Satellite Imagery-based Surveillance is an innovative solution for pipeline RoW surveillance and reporting of any changes in the RoW, for safety and regulatory requirements

Solution Benefits

We help you with the following:

  • Mitigate risk: Our solutions help you detect anomalies in dispersed assets and locate and repair them quickly, reducing operational costs and downtime. We help you pinpoint irregularities in the pipeline, with amazing mathematical precision without human errors.
  • Drive integration: We help you integrate multiple systems and applications in your pipeline systems, deployed across your pipelines across multiple geographies.
  • Get flexible: TCS being technology-agnostic as far as off-the-shelf applications, we help you choose the best technologies at the lowest price, best suited to meet your requirements.

Additionally, we provide with the technical expertise and experience across various technologies, industries, geographies, helping you customize, implement and integrate to support your needs.