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TCS understands the nuances and challenges of the public sector and presents DigiGOV, a suite of comprehensive e-governance solutions, to increase the quality of your public service delivery.

Changes in socio-economic demographics are resulting in new challenges for governments in delivering public services. Engaging with citizens closely and effectively is crucial for governments across various tiers - Federal, State, Local - for many reasons such as creating trust, developing a sense of responsibility and ownership among citizens, increasing citizen participation in government-led development programs and understanding citizen needs better.

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Our Solution

We address all aspects of governance and integrate services to different stakeholders such as Government-to-Government (G2G), Government-to-Business (G2B) and Government-to-Citizen (G2C) with various facets of DigiGOV:

  • DigiGOV E-Office: Achieve comprehensive IT enablement of your internal processes through automation of intra and interdepartmental workflows and processes for Human Resource Management and digitization of files and correspondence.
  • DigiGOV Finance: Monitor funds utilization and manage financial liabilities pertaining to financial institutions and investments.
  • DigiGOV Homeland Security: Create a centralized crime and criminal information repository which can be used by law enforcement agencies for faster investigation and prosecution.
  • DigiGOV Tax: Leverage the fully integrated and flexible solution to automate tax and revenue management processes for direct and indirect taxes.
  • DigiGOV Portal: Enable a single channel to provide easier access to current, complete and accurate information related to various government functions and empower citizens with online services.
  • DigiGOV Investment Facilitation: Reduce high-volume paper records, avoid instances of incomplete or inaccurate data on companies, track non-compliance and unethical practices, and eliminate tedious processes.
  • DigiGOV Election: Offer voters a new secured option to cast votes from the comfort of their residence or other convenient places through the internet.
  • DigiGOV Health: Automate financial, administrative and patient-care activities of hospitals, generate extensive management reports as well as operational statistics, and offer a powerful query module.
  • DigiGOV Public Distribution: Prevent operational leakages by automating the stocking, distribution and stock replenishment process cycle.

Solution Benefits

  • Improve administrative efficiency: Achieve IT-enablement in your functions for effective, efficient, transparent and accountable administration. Web-enable your functions and provide direct access to your services to citizens and businesses.
  • Enhance public service delivery: Monitor the efficiency of your service delivery using built-in citizen charters. Leverage DigiGOV’s role-based secured access and functionalities for data security and authenticity to avoid data leakage and misinformation in service delivery.
  • Standardize and automate processes: Reduce paper-based processes, provide 24X7 access to information to your staff and integrate information exchange among various departments in all your processes.
  • Empower staff with knowledge: Create a knowledge base in the form of a document repository. Provide your managers a Management Information System (MIS) and dashboards to support decision making.
  • Be agile and forward-looking: With speedy implementation of DigiGOV, drive efficiency and agility in your operations rapidly. Adopt modular operations with plug-and-play facility and devise your own solutions as your needs change.

The TCS Advantage

  • With many years of experience in addressing multi-dimensional challenges faced by governments, TCS has the right expertise to help you improve the quality of life of your citizens through smart and effective governance using ICT solutions.
  • We provide transformational smart governance solutions to all tiers of government organizations – federal, state and local.
  • Built with strong domain knowledge, process re-engineering and state-of-the-art ICT systems, DigiGOV has been implemented successfully in many countries across different tiers of Government – Federal, State and Local. These implementations across various government environments enable us to leverage globally accepted governance best practices while implementing world-class current and next-generation technologies.

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