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Intra Government Efficiency

Current Challenges: Disintegrated systems resulting in effort duplication and data inconsistencies, leading to increased workload and long processing times, delays in decision making, massive manual paper-based processes, low levels of transparency and accountability

What TCS provides: TCS’ Digital Workflow Automation Framework, a technological solution that integrates processes and data across government departments, agencies and organizations for greater levels of accountability and transparency in administration and making available digital knowledge repositories

Citizen Service Delivery

Current Challenges: Migrating from traditional service delivery means to online channels in order to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency; reach citizens in remote parts of the country; address the service requirements of every segment of the population

What TCS provides: TCS’ Citizen Service Delivery Framework, a complete system to help governments worldwide improve the efficiency of service delivery to citizens, providing the fast, transparent and open communication that citizens demand. A digital gateway that makes available, on a 24/7 basis, the multiple delivery options through rural and urban kiosks, generates employment opportunities and is totally self sustainable

Fiscal Reform

Current Challenges: The need for greater efficiency, transparency and accountability in fiscal management and the adoption of technology to streamline processes. To address the issues of non-compliance, complicated control and audit, management of returns and refunds, huge quantum of work during peak hours and revenue leakage

What TCS provides: TCS’ Value-Added Tax Information System, a comprehensive solution that automates the entire tax administration function of commercial tax departments to ensure accurate and timely information, sound fiscal management and better, faster decision-making. The solution helps in expanding the taxpayer base, improving compliance, tracking tax evasion and enabling state governments to significantly enhance revenues. TCS’ Comprehensive Treasury Management Information System (CTMIS), an end-to-end web-based workflow driven application helps governments conduct their treasury functions in an efficient and effective manner. CTMIS handles all the key finance management functions including budget, allotment, payment, receipt, pension, stamp, employee and MIS reports.