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CDMI Conformance Assurance Solution


Organizations as well as individual consumers are increasingly adopting cloud solutions, even as cloud storage companies are expanding their product portfolio of backup and recovery, storage and archival solutions to address this growing demand. However, the lack of interoperability across products leads to vendor lock-in, and entails significant costs and operational inefficiencies in managing multiple cloud storage providers. To drive product standardization, companies are therefore developing products that comply with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification.

TCS’ CDMI Conformance Assurance solution tests cloud storage products for conformance to SNIA CDMI standards and reports issues to be fixed. With SNIA appointing TCS as an authorized certified services and test provider for offering support throughout the testing process, our solution empowers companies to deliver superior quality, CDMI conformant products, faster to the market.

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Our Offering

With the growing demand for cloud storage solutions comes the need for standardization across products from different cloud storage providers. SNIA’s CDMI specification addresses this need, but demonstrating conformance with this specification is a key challenge for cloud storage companies. Also affecting time to market is the late identification of issues and defects in the product development lifecycle (PDLC). To establish product credibility and quality requires rigorous testing by skilled staff, which in turn escalates product development costs and delays launches. Building these capabilities in-house adds to the organization’s operational overheads and directs focus away from core product development initiatives.

CDMI Compliance Assurance SolutionTCS’ CDMI Conformance Assurance solution enables efficient product testing and provides reports detailing the results for conformance to the CDMI specification.  The solution follows TCS’ mature four step framework comprising Strategize, Plan, Automate and Test. Our testing solution for cloud storage vendors encompasses test plan creation, test case design, test case automation and test execution and reporting. With reports identifying the precise defects, you address issues early in the PDLC, realizing more mature and stable products. The efficient defect correction reduces the overall cost of defect fixing, improves product quality, ensures compliance with CDMI specifications and enables faster Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies.

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TCS’ CDMI Conformance Assurance solution offers you the following benefits:

  • Ensured CDMI conformance: Leverage our pre-conformance testing service to eliminate internal investments for developing the CDMI conformance test suite. Reduce test cycle-time by up to 70-80% while adhering to CDMI conformance specifications
  • Increased market share: Deliver an interoperable solution based on industry standardization specifications. Certify your products for greater credibility, and capture larger market share
  • Reduced cost of testing: Reduce testing costs by through our fixed price engagement model that utilizes TCS’ mature solution, rather than undertaking the task of building these capabilities in-house
  • Quicker time-to-market: Accelerate product launch with our automated testing process based on a mature test framework that offers optimal test coverage. Reduce test cycle time and fix defects early on to achieve improved product quality and faster time to market.

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The TCS Advantage

TCS’ CDMI Conformance Assurance solution offers complete testing support and equips you to verify your product’s conformance with CDMI specification. Backed by TCS’ dedicated testing infrastructure, the solution’s testing roadmap accounts for your business’ specific requirements. Easy to deploy, the offering can be configured immediately, and provides reports that identify product quality concerns early on. We add value to your experience through:

  • Accreditation from SNIA: The only solution of its kind to offer conformance testing for CDMI specifications, it simplifies the process of certification. Our agreement with SNIA to offer CDMI testing ensures conformance to the defined testing process and accelerates the certification process
  • Comprehensive test reports: Our exhaustive test reports detail the product testing outcome, with clear identification of non-compliant instances, defects and issues. Server details, test case summaries and object summaries pinpoint the exact cause of issues, and enable defect correction early in the PDLC
  • Storage Center of Excellence (CoE): Our domain and technology expertise in the cloud storage engineering space and certified consultants enrich each engagement with technological advancements, industry best practices, process improvements, and skills in CDMI and other cloud-related areas

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