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TCS Advanced SCM Analytics


Worldwide, High Tech organizations face internal and external supply chain challenges. Rising customer expectations and technological changes has led to the rapid launch of newer products, forcing older products into obsolescence. This business scenario is marked with uncertainties in pricing strategy and product mix and the inability to manage the inbound supply chain, all of which impact new product launches. It is therefore imperative for organizations to gain in-depth knowledge of the market and evolving customer needs to streamline their operations and product development functions accordingly. 

To address these challenges, TCS presents Advanced SCM Analytics for the High Tech domain. Our solution provides you with tools to analyze market response, revenue management, supplier efficiency, product development, customer response and operational efficiency. In effect, you are better geared to launch products which truly create market differentiation.

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Our Solution

TCS' Advanced SCM Analytics solution is a combination of business, technology, data management, mathematics and visualization techniques to help you gain powerful insight into your supply chain dynamics.

Leveraging Big Data, customer segmentation and predictive analytics, you can now visualize and interpret this data through rich infographics and state-of-the-art dashboards. Product lifecycle analytics, inventory analytics and predictive demand modeling allows you to introduce new products into the market in an intelligent way. Social media analytics and the 360-degree product input analytics module enables you to further refine product features, making them market-ready. Through collaborative forecasting analytics, you improve customer collaboration, as well as enhance supplier performance with real-time dashboards. And our prescriptive pricing analytics helps you implement a superior pricing strategy.

Solution Benefits

Our solution is designed to offer you the following benefits:

  • Improved customer insight: Reduce customer acquisition time and cost, improve customer retention and identify opportunities for cross-and up-selling
  • Reduced risk: Improve credit and claims management through better administration and identify and prevent fraudulent claims
  • Improved Planning and Inventory: Enhance demand planning, inventory turns, logistics management and reduce overstock and carrying costs
  • Optimized Supply Chain: Optimize supply chain network distribution, facilitate inventory optimization and maximize capacity utilization
  • Controlled procurement and spend: Identify saving opportunities and improve sourcing and procurement process efficiency

The TCS Advantage

TCS offers High Tech organizations unique solutions backed by our analytics expertise and industry insight. We add value to the engagement through:

  • Platform-based solution: Our platform-based, analytical and business intelligence solution helps you reduce customer churn, improve customer experience and increase revenue across the customer acquisition, retention and extension value chain
  • Variable pricing model: Our pricing model helps reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Cross-industry domain expertise: Vast experience across domains and rich expertise gained from successfully delivering solutions to High Tech organizations enable us to understand and interpret your requirements and deliver solutions that effectively address them
  • Hitech segment-relevant templates: Our solution brings in segment-relevant templates based on an in-depth understanding of the High Tech industry to align with your business need
  • Multi-tenant apps and shared infrastructure: With multitenancy and shared infrastructure options, we offer the opportunity to reduce operational and maintenance costs, enabling you to perform upgrades easily

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