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TCS Supply Chain Management Solutions for High Tech


Build agile supply chains while optimizing costs, mitigating risks and enhancing customer satisfaction with the help of TCS’ comprehensive SCM solutions for the High Tech industry.

The High Tech industry is a high clock speed industry, where process and technology innovations are a constant phenomenon. To grow and remain competitive in this environment, organizations need to align and optimize internal processes, and acquire sensing capabilities to enhance the agility and responsiveness of supply chains.

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SCM solutions from TCS account for the fact that disruptions in one part of the world can impact a global business significantly. Supported by our indepth understanding of the industry, our experience in advanced technologies and analytics solutions, powered by five digital forces – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Robotics, we help businesses redesign and streamline their supply chain strategies.

We adopt a four phased approach encompassing Observation, Root Cause Analysis, Impact analysis, along with Design and Deployment to deliver sustainable value to your supply chain.

The TCS Advantage

TCS combines its High Tech industry and technology experiences with its supply chain expertise and advanced analytics skills to create an innovative value proposition in every engagement. This is further enabled through strong alliances with best product vendors and in-house research labs and teams, together who have been delivering pioneering solutions in SCM front leveraging digital forces like social, mobile, analytics, cloud and robotics.

Solutions We Offer

  • Next-Gen Demand Forecasting: Delivered as a service, the offering leverages advanced algorithms to improve forecast accuracy up to 15 percent
  • Warranty Management: Uses predictive analytics to improve warranty reserve estimates and other warranty costs by up to 20 percent
  • Supplier Collaboration: A digitally re-imagined platform that facilitates quick collaboration, innovation and risk management with suppliers
  • Price Management: A predictive analytics service that helps determine the optimal pricing strategy by assessing the impact of price changes on business
  • Quality Management: A predictive analytics service that offers crucial insights on product quality to enable corrective actions early on
  • Working Capital Management: Helps identify opportunity costs, assess implications of payments terms and forecast cash flows
  • Operations Excellence: Encompasses assessment, benchmarking and redesign of supply chain strategies, processes and technology solutions to drive business transformation
  • Advanced SCM Analytics: A solution with tools to analyze markets, revenue management, supplier efficiency, customer response and operational efficiency
  • Sales & Operations Planning: Helps you allocate enterprise resources and enables cross-functional integration across key business segments
  • Inventory Optimization: Tried and tested techniques to develop strategies to streamline your inventory system to perform optimally and improve supply chain visibility through advanced analytics
  • Channel Management: A solution with capabilities for incentive management, tiered marketing, revenue tracking, design win finalization cross-selling and up-selling


With our solutions, you realize value across your supply chain - from supplier efficiency to operational excellence to customer intimacy. You benefit from:

  • Enhanced demand forecast accuracy and optimized inventory levels across the supply chain
  • Capability to respond rapidly to market dynamics with agile supply chain
    Close collaboration with partners for co-innovation and improved risk management
  • Ability to offer the right products at the right prices through the right channels to different customer segments through enhanced price management
  • Reduced overheads and better customer service with streamlined and efficient operations

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