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Reduce time-to-market and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through new forecasting techniques and inventory optimization strategies with TCS’ full spectrum of Semiconductor Solutions.

Louis Luijten, CIO, NXP Semiconductors, reflects on the key success factors of its collaboration with TCS, highlighting TCS’ global delivery model that helped NXP experience certainty in the supply chain transformation process.

The TCS Advantage

Innovation-driven business enablement, strong domain expertise and a collaborative and customer-centric approach are some of the advantages you achieve while working with TCS. These are best expressed by our customers: 

  • Infineon relies on TCS’ strong domain and technology expertise for planning process re-modeling and management of its SCM IT landscape to bring down TCO, reduce planning time and increase revenue visibility across the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Numonyx (now Micron) gets a smooth ride with TCS’ effective IT integration services
  • NXP partners with TCS to optimize and drive innovations in its supply chain IT operations

Client Thoughts

“Anything is possible, from modifying our architecture to a complete provider and system switch. In TCS, we have unearthed a partner with whom we can collaborate on any technology, no matter what direction we choose to take.”
- Infineon Technologies AG, Otmar Preisinger, IT Director SCM Planning Services

Solutions we Offer

We provide in-depth solutions across the entire value chain for the following:

  • Integrated device manufacturers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Fabless companies
  • Foundry companies
  • Distributors

Our solutions include the following:

  • Product Engineering: We provide a range of innovative solution and services in the areas of VLSI Designs, Embedded Systems, Hardware Development and Mechanical Design with a view to meet stringent timelines and market needs in domains as diverse as telecom, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial automation, medical devices, aerospace, storage and office automation.

  • Hardware, Firmware and Device Drivers: Our solutions encompass the entire product lifecycle of embedded systems development from conceptualization, requirement capture, modeling, simulation, verification, validation and qualification to prototyping and sustenance engineering, on platforms ranging from 8 to 32 bit.

  • VLSI Services: Our VLSI solutions in ASIC, FPGA and SoC help enable technological advances in analog, digital and mix-signal, integrated circuit designs from the concept to GDS-II stage. We also offer IP integration, Pre and Post Silicon Validation, Platform and System Solution Services.

  • Product Lifecycle and Product Data Management: These help transform the way you manage your product-related processes transcending functional, enterprise and geographical barriers. A right mix of service and technology offerings including Business Consulting, Transformation, Implementation, Sustenance Integrations, Upgrades and Migrations help manage digitization and product lifecycle from conceptualization to design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and, finally, retirement.

  • Strategic Sourcing: We provide Strategic Sourcing Assessment and Implementation, Zero-based Should Costing, Global Sourcing Program Management and Supplier Quality Assurance Services with a view to reduce lead times, reduce total cost of ownership and bring continuous improvements in supplier performance and adherence to delivery, cost and quality requirements.

  • MES - Fab Automation: We provide solutions for the automation of manufacturing processes for Fabs.

  • Enterprise Asset Management: Our solutions include consulting, asset performance management, turnaround management, field-force management, reliability centered maintenance, asset tracking, inventory optimization, cataloguing, service management and IT asset management among others. These help facilitate real-time decision making, minimize asset downtime and reduce the asset TCO.

  • Material Handling, Schedule and Dispatch: We provide advanced solutions and accelerators for picking, packing, scheduling, logistics tracking, customs handling and dispatch processes.

  • Station Control and WIP tracking: We provide a collaborative solution on WIP tracking and automation solution in station control.

  • ERP – Shop-floor Integration: We provide accelerators and readily available solutions for the integration of shop-floor tools with standard ERP solutions.

  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: We provide advanced analytics and dashboard solutions on manufacturing-related data integration, reporting and plant-floor system integration for sound shop-floor decision support and powerful strategic performance management.

  • Demand Forecasting: We provide cutting-edge forecasting solutions that have much greater accuracy compared to the standard solutions available in the market.

  • Customer Collaboration: Our solution enables a seamless collaboration between the customer and the company.

  • S&OP: We provide advanced S&OP transformation solutions to drive downstream activities with consensus planning, extended planning horizon and risk management through “what if” scenario evaluations.

  • Logistics: We provide solution on shipment, load building, route optimization and taxation solutions.

  • CRM and Channel Management: This is a complete asset-driven solution on pricing and channel management for semiconductor companies.

  • Supplier Collaboration: Our solution provides real-time visibility of supplier operations, inventory management, manufacturing calendars, WIP trackers and reconciliation activities.

  • Materials Management: These include solutions on inventory segmentation, postponement strategies, analytics solutions and framework for continuous improvement.

  • Supplier Risk Management: We provide solutions on supplier risk detection, risk prioritization and impact calculation and mitigation plans. We also have solutions for supplier evaluation, product tolerance checks and business continuity.

  • Finance & Accounting: We have solutions on managing and executing payables, receivables, general ledgers, reporting, budgeting and forecasting. We also provide solutions on managing fiscal and regulatory risks.

  • Human Resource Management: We provide advanced solutions on recruitment and resourcing, workforce administration, compensation and benefits, and performance and learning.

  • Payroll Management: Our solutions, based on the SaaS approach, include setting up interfaces, maintaining payroll applications and assessing legal compliance and performing audits.


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