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DLNA and Home Networking


Consumers today are looking for seamless and easy access to digital content available on their home network across a variety of digital devices like High Definition Televisions (HDTVs), media players, digital cameras, notebooks, handhelds and digital photo frames.  

Leveraging its expertise in the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) space, TCS provides a host of services and assets to meet the needs of consumer electronics companies.

Client Challenges

Interoperability between multi-vendor devices, without the consumer having to worry about device discovery and configuration, will be the key criteria for consumer purchases in future; the market view will change from “good to have” to “must have”. Therefore, vendors must be agile in development, be first-to-market with a high-quality product while keeping a close control on costs.

It is imperative for players in the consumer electronics, PC and mobile industries to build cross-vendor, cross-device compatibility into their products while ensuring speed-to-market, high product quality and cost effectiveness.

There will also be a need for continuous product innovation for ensuring market leadership; all enhancements would need to comply with standards. And to achieve this rapid turnaround, availability of skilled personnel with DLNA/UPnP protocols experience will be essential. This would lead to an increase in development cost and time-to-market. Accelerating market acceptance through compliance testing will also be a critical factor.

What TCS Provides

TCS has developed a proprietary digital media controller (DMC) software called Home Multimedia Junction (HMJ). Developed using GTK on Ubuntu (Debian based) Linux, HMJ is a GUI-based DMC which has been successfully ported on Linux-based embedded platforms including Intel-Moblin and Maemo using Scratchbox and Hildon. HMJ is a re-usable DLNA asset that can be quickly customized to build the products your customers want - from an application, platform or performance perspective – thus bringing down development time and costs considerably.

In addition to the HMJ, TCS offers the following services:

  • Testing products for DLNA-conformance, using a simulator-based test environment
  • Proofs of concept and new solutions development
  • Design and development of additional accessories for DLNA
  • Maintenance/Sustenance and quality assurance for DLNA-related software solutions
  • Embedding of convergent solutions like the DMC on your device
  • Integration of current applications with future applications for home environment like personal health monitoring, home security, home and car entertainment server synchronization

Business Value

TCS’ home networking solutions will help optimize the cost of innovation and reduce time-to-market and improve the end quality of the product.

If you already have DLNA compliant products on the market, TCS can help in the following:

  • Expanding product coverage
  • Freeing up internal R&D teams so they can focus on fresh product development 

If you do not have DLNA compliant products, but are operating in the consumer electronics segment, TCS can help in the following:

  • Quickly building a DLNA compliant product portfolio without compromising on quality
  • Training R&D teams on protocol details of DLNA/UPnP

White Papers

Home Networking and DLNA

Digital homes which appear to be from a hollywood sci-fi movie will be a reality in the near future, thanks to guidelines like DLNA and standards like UpnP, HomePNA and ZeroConf. This paper provides an insight into digital homes having networked interoperable systems and the technologies involved in home networking, with a specific focus on DLNA.