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Technology Offerings


Our commitment to innovation gives you access to the latest technology and our proven experience in IT services helps you harness it for maximum business benefit. We help extend the life of your infrastructure, deliver solutions faster and at a lower cost as well as ensure that your IT organization is aligned to your business.

These include the following:

Web 2.0 Portal

TCS provides cost effective, secure, platform agnostic and scalable Web2.0 solutions for the enterprise; a Web 2.0 Portal on Liferay 5.1 using various opensource tools like GWT, Velocity, and Apache. Its salient features are:

  • SSO adapter for custom directory services
  • JSF helper
  • Extension Framework implementation on Liferay
  • Open Social API integration
  • Extensive Web2.0 features like wiki, blogs, AJAX, Mashups
  • Extensible collaboration in forums, wikis and messaging that can be accessed from other open social networking tools

Read brochure: Web 2.0 Portal.

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Enterprise Content Management

Managing content is a key challenge in any enterprise. It assumes increasing importance as the enterprise grows. Content standardization and design (including digital media content) can easily become pain areas for the customer if not managed effectively.

TCS’ solution addresses end-to-end Enterprise Content Management, using MOSS, ASP .Net, ADO .Net, SQL Server 2005 and .Net 2.0. TCS provides Platform Engineering, Information Architecture Content Design, Production, Deployment and Monitoring services for Web Content Management (WCM) & Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Services include:

  • Bespoke content management platform development services
  • Content standardization, training and documentation
  • Digital Media production and publishing services

TCS’s productivity improvement tools for administration, migration and editorial services result in reduced time to market and reduced cost of implementation.

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Instance Clone & Merge

The global business arena is witnessing an increase in mergers and acquisitions. This has triggered the need for applications and platform consolidation, IT infrastructure rationalizing, IT cost and complexity reduction, process standardization and harnessing of newer technologies.

Organizations using enterprise applications and having number of instances/versions will require consolidation of instances to realize the benefits of a single application and uniform processes.

TCS, with its experience spanning 20+ years in this area, can understand the objectives and challenges faced by an organization in instance consolidation and can help in identifying the right solution, creating the roadmap and ensuring its successful and timely deployment through its well structured methodology and reusable assets.

TCS can help you increase the speed of instance consolidation at a lower cost without compromising on quality. Our deployment helps you reduce maintenance costs while enhancing the productivity of the organization.

Read brochure on PeopleSoft Instance Merging.

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Storage Migration Services

TCS’ Storage Migration Services help you achieve migration across homogenous and heterogeneous storage platforms with reduced complexity and minimal disruption.

Client Challenges:

  • Coping with rising demands for storage systems with growing business data
  • Tackling integration challenges post large-scale mergers and enterprise-wide changes
  • Managing storage migration with minimal disruption and reduced complexity
  • Mitigating risks associated with application performance and potential data corruption or data loss
  • Dealing with SLA requirements and low end-user satisfaction with regard to performance

Get the TCS Advantage:

  • Proven capabilities and tested methodologies in storage migration, as garnered from leading storage vendors, thereby enabling us to function as a single-window service provider
  • Access to skilled storage certified professionals (SNIA and vendor-specific) with significant expertise in storage migration
  • A host-based, storage array-based, or appliance-based migration methodology, depending upon your business requirements
  • Multi-vendor storage infrastructure to manage end-to-end migration deployment scenarios

Read brochure on Storage Migration Services.

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