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General, Property and Casualty Insurance


Achieve speed and agility, enhance customer experience and improve data-driven decision making in risk, pricing and claims with TCS’ offerings for General, Property and Casualty.

Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers continue to grapple with increased competition, consumerization, shifting consumer behavior, growing use of electronic channels, major catastrophic events and regulatory changes.

P&C insurers in all lines of business — personal, commercial and specialty — must continually identify new operating models, business processes and technologies to reduce operational costs, grow profits, retain customers, grow their customer base, and ensure customer retention through improved claims and customer service interactions.

The TCS Advantage

We partner with global insurers to help them retain their market leadership by better leveraging economies of scale and establishing more-efficient operational models, such as shared-service centers and more centralized enterprise architecture models.

Our leadership in the insurance industry is demonstrated by our many successful client relationships. We work with 7 of the top 10 global P&C insurers.


TCS' P&C insurance services enable you to achieve high business growth by leveraging new technologies and emerging channels to enhance brand value and customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

  • Drive business growth by leveraging new products and emerging distribution channels. Improve product development flexibility, simplify product integration, customization and implementation, and rapidly respond to regulatory changes backed by our domain and technology expertise.
  • Build customer loyalty and drive advocacy by improving the effectiveness of organizational marketing and enhancing customer experience. Enhance brand visibility and market reach by leveraging emerging channels.
  • Gain competitive advantage by realizing efficiencies in claims handling and data management, leading to better outcome management. Support rules-based underwriting, risk selection and pricing with modernized policy administration, billing and claims systems. Harness analytics and business intelligence to mitigate the risk of fraudulent claims.
  • Enhance operational efficiency with digital solutions to expedite policy and claims processing. Empower stakeholders with automated solutions to boost productivity.

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Success Stories  

A few examples of our partnerships with global P&C insurers are listed below:

  • We developed a single claims platform including the consolidation of multiple systems for a large P&C insurer , reducing costs while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • We transformed a personal lines policy administration for a large US auto insurer enabling it to respond effectively to competition in new channels.
  • We implemented a pan-Nordics claims solution for a large insurer resulting in significant improvement in operational costs and fraud detection.

Read some examples of the business results delivered by TCS.

White Papers

Auto Insurance – Driving into the Sunset?

The automobile industry is at the cusp of revolutionary change, as car sharing programs, remote-controlled vehicles and driverless cars threaten to completely alter not just driver behavior but the entire urban landscape as we now know it. The long-term existence of the auto insurance industry is being questioned; however, we present an alternative view. We feel that the industry will be transformed. Insurers who have the technological wherewithal to be able to develop innovative new products, create alternative distribution approaches, and tap new customer segments will not just survive but even thrive.

Client Testimonials

Aviva improves productivity with TCS’ Oracle expertise

Learn how TCS, using its Oracle expertise, delivered value-added services and provided end-to-end implementation and support, which in turn generated cost savings for its maintenance and reduced the company’s timelines for monthly financial reporting.

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Predictive Analytics in Property and Casualty Insurance

Economic uncertainty, business agility and increased customer expectations are a few of the challenges that constantly nudge insurers to think differently. Hence, modernization is vital for the consolidation and transformation of legacy systems.