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TCS Digital Dealership Solution Suite


TCS’ Digital Dealership Solution Suite leverages digital five forces to enable auto retailers reimagine customer engagement across all touch points in the engagement lifecycle.

TCS Digital Dealership Solution Suite enables auto retailers to reimagine customer engagement by undergoing Digital ReimaginationTM —traditional dealerships make way for responsive dealerships, customer segmentation is replaced by the ‘segment of one’, absolute customer satisfaction is measured across all interactions, and customers are empowered with self-service options.

The TCS Advantage

  • Unique capabilities: Digital dealership solution suite has the unique ability to predict customer churn and repurchase probability, as well as determine customer lifetime value, and absolute satisfaction index
  • Technology-agnostic framework: Our offering is based on our reference architecture for customer engagement (race) which provides a robust integration framework across all systems involved in the customer experience value chain
  • Reduced time to market: Based on our experience from many projects, we have a library of use cases that reduce implementation time and benefits are realized quickly

Solutions we offer

  • Perivista: It provides a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle, and helps predict customer churn and repurchase probability, as well as maximize customer lifetime value and absolute satisfaction
  • Customer Self-Service: Empowers customers through the ownership period by providing a single window for all brand interactions
  • Social CRM: Drives social media engagement to manage influencers, generate leads, and identify customer dissatisfaction
  • Dealer Mobility: Enables dealers' sales and service processes on mobile devices
  • Digital Marketing: Supports viral marketing activities, personalized offers, and customized loyalty programs
  • eCommerce: Allows customers to conveniently purchase automotive products, accessories, parts, and services on the web
  • Voice of the Customer Analytics: Analyzes unstructured and structured data
  • Virtual Assistance: Enables consumers to perform hands-free voice activated transactions for self-service


  • Own the customer for life: With TCS Digital Dealership Solution Suite, OEMs can provide high levels of personalization, deliver absolute satisfaction, and drive customer advocacy. Consequently, they can build an extended relationship with customers, as the latter upgrade to newer vehicles or purchase additional vehicles and services
  • Own the vehicle lifecycle: By enabling proactive services, self-service capabilities, and mobile-enabled services, our solutions help OEMs to foster a close relationship with customers, thereby enhancing their competitive position 
  • Drive increased wallet share: OEMs can capture additional revenue opportunities as they engage successfully with customers throughout the customer lifecycle 

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