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Plant in a Box for Tier I Suppliers in the Automotive Industry


Set up, run, optimize and replicate lean manufacturing plants rapidly with TCS’ Plant in a Box (PIB), a preconfigured SAP-based solution built on a comprehensive PIB process framework.

The TCS Advantage

  • Pre-configured processes specific to lean manufacturing to improve plant efficiency and reduce operational expenses
  • Ability to measure and optimize performance of the entire plant using plant-level top-down KPI tree and definitions specific to Tier I organizations
  • A comprehensive interface layer and data model that allows structured information exchange with OEMs, Tier II organizations and other Tier I plant systems, enabling smooth plant operations

Services we offer 

TCSPIB offering is a rapid deployment solution that is specifically mapped to the needs of Tier I organizations to help them achieve faster time-to-market, better market coverage, performance measurement and optimization.

We provide a ready reference to industry best practices in order to standardize and optimize existing business processes and enable better integration of business processes across acquired plants.

Our services include the following:

  • Process maturity assessment
  • Process modeling and customization
  • Interface modeling
  • KPI alignment and detailed definitions
  • Configuration and template customization
  • Role-based dashboards and custom reports
  • PIB solution deployment
  • PIB solution maintenance


  • Faster time to market: Enable the rapid set-up and operationalization of new and existing plants by leveraging preconfigured business processes, comprehensive interface model, and adoption of industry best practices. 
  • Gain in market share: Achieve faster market coverage with our capability to replicate plants swiftly. 
  • Decrease in capital outlay: Significantly reduce set-up effort and time of plant business systems, thereby reducing the capital outlay required for the setting up of the plant.  
  • Performance driven plant: Measure and monitor performance using top-down KPI tree with plant objectives that are drilled down to actionable KPIs, along with detailed definitions and role-based dashboards.
  • Reduction in operational expenses: Improve plant efficiency and reduce undue operational expenses by following pre-configured lean manufacturing processes specific to Tier I operations.

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