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Reverse Logistics


Optimize your reverse logistics operations using TCS’ Reverse Logistics Solution and integrate your business processes for greater efficiency and increased service supply chain visibility.

A robust reverse logistics system directly influences your company’s business profitability. When integrated with other business functions and communications, it helps you forecast and manage product returns more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and improved regulatory compliance.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Reverse Logistics Solution automates the entire reverse logistics process, helping you decipher return policies and determine applicable warranty policies. It eliminates errors, enhances traceability and brings down costs.  

Our solution advantage is based on four pillars:

  • Strong business process framework of best-of-breed processes compiled from industry, academia and secondary research
  • Pre-configured and integrated solution using industry leading applications from Oracle
  • KPI-based approach that provides industry standard KPIs with drill-down capabilities for root cause identification and analysis
  • Strategic partnership with Oracle

Services we Offer

We offer the following services:

  • Maturity Assessment and Benchmarking: An as-is evaluation of your reversePlanning and Forecasting logistics processes, benchmarking them against best-in-class processes
  • Business Process Re-engineering: To get the best out of the reverse logistics value chain
  • Network Optimization: Supply chain analysis and network optimization studies to identify bottlenecks / issues in the supply chain
  • Reverse Logistics Oracle Solution: A product-based solution that allows you to carry out your processes on a best-of-breed Oracle ERP backbone

Our solution brings together processes from customer contacts to warranty validation, transportations, repair, remanufacturing and disposal in a seamlessly integrated manner. These business processes are enabled on an Oracle product stack and enable availability of KPIs to manage the processes better.  


Apart from enhancing customer experience and improving process efficiency, the TCS Reverse Logistics solution provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced end-to-end visibility through our tightly integrated system
  • Reduced operational costs through standardized and integrated processes
  • Higher traceability and customer satisfaction through real-time visibility
  • Predictable forecasting and planning, which reduces production risks from unexpected returns
  • Better management of recycling through compliance with environmental regulations
  • A KPI-driven solution that provides the ability to constantly measure and improve performance

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Driving Operational Excellence in Reverse Logistics through effective business and IT strategies

Reverse Logistics is increasingly gaining prominence as a key business concern for manufacturers worldwide. Watch this webinar to gain viable insights from TCS, IDC and Oracle, on how reverse logistics has evolved over time into a critical area for manufacturers and how organizations can manage it better.