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Business Process Management Solutions


Achieve technology optimization and process standardization for competitive advantage, by leveraging TCS' Business Process Management Solutions

Long-term sustainability of process-centric initiatives requires integrated planning and management of changes in people, processes, and technology. TCS Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies helps you adopt an integrated approach and align your business processes with strategic initiatives -  with  customer focus as the key driver and IT as the key information enabler.

The TCS Advantage

Partner with us to leverage our methodologies and gain an integrated framework that delivers on all aspects of Business Process Management. Your enterprise benefits through:

  • MELT: TCS' Manufacturing Enterprise Landscape Transformation (MELT) framework creates structured improvement in business processes by creating customer-centric businesses, business-centric processes, and process-centric IT.
  • TCS' Innovation and Transformation Group's (ITG's) domain expertise: TCS ITG's offers extensive domain expertise across industries such as automotive, aerospace, industry machinery, etc.
  • Business Management Model for Manufacturing: We help you establish a process modeling framework for your organization – whether you are setting up a new plant, harmonizing processes in an acquired organization, or driving IT deployment.
  • Powerful enterprise technology frameworks: Leverage our powerful enterprise technology frameworks across the value chain, like SCOPE, ORBIT, Plant in a Box for manufacturing process transformations, WOPR, etc.

Solutions we offer

Business Process Management Solutions Build a customer-centric organization with our comprehensive BPM approach:

  • Model the value chain: Align your organizational value chain with industry process standards defined by APQC, SCOR, or MESA.
  • Engage the business: From process orientation and technology change awareness to environment simulation and experience sharing, MELT lays down the blueprint for successful business process transformation.
  • Leverage TCS tools and techniques: Implement processes using our Six Sigma-based value chain analysis, due diligence framework, value stream mapping, policy objective matrix, and business process modeling.
  • Construct lean processes: Build process-driven operations and aligned customer-centric enterprise.
  • Sustain the transformation: Set up an independent BPM center of excellence (CoE) with a proper governance structure to drive long term growth.

 Solution benefits 

  • Improve enterprise-wide processes: Extract more value from your value chain by reducing value chain costs, by increasing value from the product life cycle, and by differentiating the customer experience.
  • Improve IT utilization: Rationalize and optimize your IT infrastructure, resulting in improved productivity and higher Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Reduce spend on IT infrastructure: Align IT needs with your business objectives, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Improve future-readiness: With instant blueprinting capabilities, you can focus on developing an agile enterprise equipped to overcome the current market challenges. More importantly, BPM acts as the foundation of your next-generation digital capabilities.
  • Improve global collaboration: Integrate geographically spread operations to improve collaboration among units.

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