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Manufacturing Business Analytics Solutions


Leverage predictive analytics for strategic decision-making

across all levels of your organization with TCS’ Manufacturing Business Analytics Solutions

The massive explosion of data in recent years presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to move beyond business intelligence (BI) and redefine business operations through advanced analytics. The advent of Big Data has made it easier for organizations to use predictive analytics for strategic decision-making. TCS’ Manufacturing Business Analytics Solutions help you handle the complexity of myriad data sources and benefit from insightful analytics.

The TCS Advantage

The solution is backed by our industry experience, analytics expertise, as well as innovative tools.

  • Solutions Lab: You can run your data in our lab on solutions developed with machine learning algorithms for high accuracy of prediction models
  • Analytics as a Service: Our expert teams comprise data scientists with expertise in statistical techniques and tools, manufacturing experts with in-depth knowledge of business operations and technology architects who are experts on Big Data analytics
  • TCS’ Sensor Data Analytics Framework: This TCS patented framework helps collect and harmonize terabytes of unstructured data in real time

Solutions we offer

Manufacturing Business Analytics Solutions Our ten pivotal analytics solutions can leverage enterprise data, social media data, and machine data across all functions to deliver transformational benefits. You can run your data on these solutions today to evaluate the quality of the insights.

Solution Benefits

The benefits of our solution include:

  • Increased production throughput: Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through Predictive Maintenance
  • High quality rating: Predict field failure and avoid potential quality issues in your new product program, thus  improving product quality
  • Enhanced customer experience: Increase the life of your products and enhance customer experience
  • Effective lead conversion: Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns in multiple media and increase your sales within the given budget
  • Reduced material cost: With the ability to identify hidden costs such as premium freight, obsolescence cost and cost of poor quality make efficient sourcing decisions and reduce overall material costs

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White Papers

Using Big Data for Machine Learning Analytics in Manufacturing

The advent of Big Data technology, in conjunction with the Machine Learning algorithms, has paved the way which can help manufacturers bring about operational and business transformation leading to increased accuracy in decision making and improved performance. This white paper covers various aspects from the evolution of Machine Learning to challenges involved in implementation and how to overcome them