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Sales and Rentals


Increase the agility, efficiency and profitability of your sales cycle with TCS’ end-to-end sales and rentals solution.

Ensuring consistent customer experience across the various touch-points in a sales cycle - web, smart devices, dealership visits, call centers, etc. – can get challenging. To top that, inaccurate volume forecasts and inefficient forecast communication processes hamper the sales execution further.

TCS’ solutions encompass the key factors of influence on sales execution, such as brand websites, sales management tools, pricing and offer management.

Solutions/Services we offer

TCS offers a plethora of solutions required in your sales cycle - from web and smart devices to dealership and call center solutions. 

  • Forecasting and sales & operational planning: Helps value chain functions to be aligned with market dynamics ensuring pull-based planning and agility
  • Distribution network optimization: Helps analyze and improve the distribution network design
  • Sales transformation management: Provides a 360-degree customer-centric, integrated sales management framework
  • Sales incentive planning: Aligns incentives with customer experience drivers and provides visibility into sales force activities
  • Dealer management:  Enables dealers to optimize their processes and serve more customers in an efficient manner


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency of  sales cycle
  • Enhanced ability to respond to market dynamics
  • Increased reach and efficiency