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Parts Management


Align supply with demand, improve visibility along the parts supply chain, and optimize inventory using TCS’ solutions in the Parts Management space. 

Managing parts inventory across the aftermarket value chain is a major challenge for organizations, due to the unpredictable nature of demand. Additionally, high number of parts, obsolescence and competition from secondary aftermarket suppliers increase the complexity in parts management operations.

Solutions/Services we offer 

  • e-Commerce – Helps set up a web-based channel that serves as an additional stream of revenue
  • Extended warehouse management strategy – Enables you to streamline and manage large warehouses handling high volume parts
  • Lean Logistics - Provides transportation and distribution solutions for logistics management, route optimization and outbound supply chain management
  • Plan for Every Part (PFEP) - Propagates changes in part attributes across the value chain
  • Parts Inventory Optimization - Enables increase in inventory turnover while meeting target service levels through inventory analysis and constraint-based planning frameworks
  • Parts supply chain visibility - Provides information on parts across the supply chain
  • Service Parts Planning - Enables you to manage large volumes of part combinations and stocking locations
  • Sourcing assessment - Helps with strategic sourcing, supplier quality assurance services and global sourcing program management
  • Parts analytics - Supports  data-based decision making and insights
  • Reverse logistics management - Provides solutions for managing returns, parts obsolescence, and re-sale 


  • Reduced inventory costs and cost of wastage, damages, obsolescence and failure
  • Faster and more efficient order fulfillment
  • Optimized inventory
  • Improved parts availability
  • Increased profitability
  • Customer satisfaction