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Achieve Operational Excellence


Building operational excellence into the enterprise calls for organizing processes, people and technology. Yet we find that, in many cases, they remain disconnected from one another, making collaboration difficult. Operational excellence has quickly become a competitive advantage, pushing organizations to streamline key operational processes, increase productivity, eliminate waste and improve overall efficiency.

Client Challenges

The key challenges that manufacturers face in achieving operational excellence are:

  • Optimal use of resources such as space, people, equipment, energy and time
  • Lowering plant and equipment maintenance costs
  • Improving uptime and decreasing the cost of operations
  • Improving production planning and inventory management
  • Dealing with multiple systems and disparate processes across business units and geographically spread sites
  • Meeting regulatory, safety and quality norms

Business Value

TCS helps with end-to-end management of critical resources and implements meaningful metrics to drive and demonstrate business value. By leveraging information technology, TCS enables its clients to make intelligent decisions.

What TCS Provides

TCS as a partner can define next-generation manufacturing strategy and ensure Delivery on Demand, Perfect Plant and Plan for Every Part. TCS’ manufacturing solutions integrate manufacturing plant systems with applications and systems across the enterprise. TCS has proven methodologies and tools to support your strategy roadmap.

TCS’ robust plant solutions include the following:


  • Deliver on production and cost optimization goals
  • Align 'shop floor to boardroom' objectives
  • Lower inventory costs, increase order fulfilment and improve production planning
  • Efficiently manage energy usage
  • Meet regulatory compliances and safety requirements
  • Improve plant uptime