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TCS Digital Integrated Marketing Enabler


TCS Digital Integrated Marketing Enabler (DIME) is a comprehensive and flexible platform that enables you to manage marketing campaigns across digital channels. With a consolidated and configurable platform to launch marketing campaigns, our solution helps you create bespoke content, enhance digital experience, and reduce time-to-market.  By aggregating data across channels, the solution offers a holistic view of campaign performance and customer behaviour, so that you realize faster returns on investment through campaign optimization and course correction.

With the proliferation and penetration of digital channels, marketers need to reach out to customers through multiple channels. But in the absence of an effective integrated solution, marketers perform these tasks in silos, leading to duplicated effort, inconsistent branding and messaging across channels, and time-consuming processes of collection, aggregation and analysis of marketing performance. 

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The TCS Advantage

TCS DIME helps marketers accelerate their shift to digital using a single platform to launch their marketing campaigns and achieve better business results. Our solution helps you gain business agility through a cloud based architecture and provide personalized content to ensure high consumer satisfaction. You also gain from our:

  • Intelligent Campaign Design Plan: ‘Intelligent planning’ driven by statistical inference makes marketing campaigns more dynamic to meet the changing requirements of content, presentation, engagement tools, and metrics.
  • Contextual Cross Channel Analytics: Our proven, industry-leading data analytics solution computes statistics across channels based on multiple parameters, and aggregates channel specific data into indices or presents it as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Multichannel Distribution: Use a template-based configurable platform to publish campaign materials, such as microsites on web platforms or hybrid apps on mobility devices, without any IT intervention.
  • Managed Cloud Based Offering: The pay-as-you-go pricing model reduces capital expenses, and you can pay according to your campaign, channel, platform, and reporting needs.

Our Solution

Our solution is a unified platform that helps deliver effective online marketing campaigns through the entire lifecycle of planning, publishing, measurement, and analysis. With the Digital Integrated Marketing Enabler, marketers can:

  • Use an integrated platform to publish marketing campaigns on multiple channels, across the web and mobile devices, to optimize marketing program effectiveness.
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences and gain deeper engagement through relevant content, presentation, and tools.
  • Easily add, revise, and launch campaigns while reducing the cost of digital marketing through an agile platform for delivery and consolidation.
  • Use data analytics and insights to stay aware of customer preferences and plan marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Reduce IT dependence for ongoing campaign optimization using a template based configurable platform to publish campaign content.


TCS Digital Integrated Marketing Enabler helps you garner consumer attention through targeted content and experiences. You gain better marketing results through:

  • Unified and optimized digital marketing operations: The solution helps integrate various channels that are run as silos and helps you streamline operations and unify messaging to reduce replication of efforts across channels, thereby saving time and money.
  • Improved time to market: More than just a digital marketing enabler, TCS DIME is a strategic offering that helps you maximize brand awareness with integrated tools, processes and analytics for quick course correction and better ROI.
  • Increased visibility into consumer behaviour and interests: Using the solution’s predictive analytics engine, you can identify the most effective engagement channels for any combination of product category, brand, market, and demography. The near real-time analytics, combined with mathematical and statistical modelling, helps you assess engagement, interests, social media referrals, etc.
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