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Metal Performance Management


Get dynamic and accurate forecasting and planning, enabling smart operations in a continually changing and complex environment, with TCS’ Metal Performance Management Services.

the TCS Advantage

At TCS, we understand your needs and concerns and are dedicated to designing solutions, which best alleviate your challenges. Our capabilities in developing solutions encompass the entire financial forecasting and analytics space. The collective knowledge of our 150+ metals domain experts enables us to design solutions fully suited to your needs.

Solutions we offer

We provide the following solutions:

  • Performance monitoring tools: These help capture the Plan to Actual Variance, departmental budgets and financial statements at the standalone entity as well as at the business group level.
  • Financial data warehouse: We help you formulate a data warehouse as a consolidation of financial data sources for a single point reporting.
  • Custom Master Data Management (MDM): This provides you with the ability to redefine reporting hierarchies as well as a central repository for setting OLAP dimension member properties and its versioning.
  • Business driver allocation: We help you dynamically set and update the key business drivers for the following metal processes:
    • Rates of key raw materials
    • Energy consumption factor
    • Metal prices
    • Freight charges
  • Web-enabled data entry forms: We help you create forms for the users, enabling auto filling of forecast figures on the basis of simple progression or extrapolation functions, e.g., setting the shipment targets for product lines.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduction in monthly plan closing cycles by 5%
  • Enhanced forecast accuracy and increased data accountability
  • Dynamic planning and scheduling in conjunction with rapid changes in the business environment
  • Easy restructuring of reporting accounts and hierarchies
  • Smooth transitions for re-organizations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures at minimum cost and time
  • Provision to create multiple business scenarios that facilitate what-if analyses at moderate and optimistic levels
  • Scalable systems that are well equipped to work with recent and historical data without compromising on performance throughputs
  • Easy ad-hoc reporting, catering to the entire user base, capturing across all business processes