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DICE – Digital Integrated Consumer Engagement


Digital Integrated Consumer Engagement solution can help CPG companies manage all their digital marketing requirements from formulating a strategy, planning, driving brand promotions, and understanding consumer sentiments to measuring brand effectiveness and calculating return on media investment.

Today, there is a growing need for CPG companies to derive relevant consumer insights by monitoring, analyzing, and tracking user conversations across digital spaces. This helps you respond quickly and provide personalized offers through the right channel.

In addition, it is important to manage brand reputation beyond the store and develop relevant digital consumer engagement for various product categories. To meet this need, you require significant research and analytics based optimization, which can help you design targeted and effective digital marketing programs.

Our offering enables you to build a cohesive digital strategy to capture consumer mindshare and loyalty. Developed keeping relevant industry and technology trends in mind, it helps you offer best-in-class consumer experience and respond to consumer conversations with personalized offers.

Putting in place the right social media strategy, the DICE framework enables you to build your brand through new age digital marketing, engage consumers through the right channels, and analyze the best metrics for monitoring and listening to consumer experience. In effect, you build a two-way consumer connect strategy that not only strengthens the relationship with your consumers but also helps capitalize on new growth opportunities.

TCS Solution

The DICE framework enables digital-age consumer engagement and helps deliver superior brand experience using a five-stage approach:

  • Prepare: Evaluate and choose the right consumer engagement initiative through our digital strategy consulting services and digital readiness assessment based analytical services, which will in turn help you ensure that these initiatives are aligned with your strategic objectives
  • Listen: Discover the pulse of your consumers through our listening, social customer relationship management and command centre solutions, that enable you to discover trends and know more about consumer needs
  • Create: Transform your web presence through our digital production services that include user experience design, banner ads, web platform implementation, mobile and social property development, web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Engage: Leverage real-time engagement with consumers and develop effective promotional campaigns using our gaming applications, as well as social gifting, Viral Promotions and Analytics
  • Measure: Measure marketing efficiency, optimize campaigns and understand brand perception using our voice of customer analytics and the marketing analytics dashboard solutions, enabling you to respond faster to your consumers’ needs


Our offering provides you with the following benefits:

  • Improved consumer engagement and viral experience, through multi-channel campaign and brand promotion management services
  • Greater access to valuable consumer insights, derived from social media channels to drive new product development to match consumer needs
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI), through a significant increase in click-through rate, compared to more traditional approaches
  • Faster time-to-market, with on-demand dynamic brand campaigns going live within hours of creation
  • Consistent, reliable brand experience, using our web transformation services across different channels such as web, mobile, and outdoor
  • Better measurement of marketing performance, using the 360 degree view of marketing operations across digital channels
  • Improved productivity, by integrating and analyzing data from a wide range of sources using our solutions, to empower decision-makers across your enterprise

The TCS Advantage

We are well-equipped to manage your consumer engagement needs given our experienced consultants, mature delivery and quality processes, and domain expertise. We further add value to the engagement by:

  • Helping you target audiences across all touch points, including mobile and social, enabling an increase in Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI)
  • Enabling effective digital and social media marketing by offering consulting services, business solution frameworks, tools, and cloud-based platforms
  • Bringing in extensive domain expertise and global best practices, which are implemented by our consultants and delivery experts
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships and alliances with some of the most important service and technology providers like Adobe, Tealeaf and Jive in the digital marketing field