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Supply Chain Management Solution


Design a cost effective yet flexible supply chain system for your company with TCS’ Supply Chain Management Solutions.

The TCS Advantage 

Innovative trends drive the way we build solutions for our  customers. Implementation accelarotors and our people are our key assets in ensuring that that we deliver a certainity in enlighting the customer. Get to experience a new level of design and optimization through:

  • Customized supply chain structures  that ensure cost optimization under a changing environment 
  • Dynamic simulation / network analysis tools for designing robust supply chain systems

solutions we offer

Our SCM Solutions are primarily focused on the following:

  • Next Gen Supply Chain (SC) Design – We help consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms  design cost-effective yet flexible supply chain systems that are best suited for your firm’s business model. Features of this solution are:
      • Customizable supply chain systems based on dynamic input requirements 
      • Supply chain simulation tools that allow visual remodelling
      • Network analytics tools that provide insight into cost savings and possible options for better optimization
  • Supply Chain Analytics – We drive superior business performance through data driven intelligence and in-depth supply chain KPIs. Our analytics platform focuses on the following:
    • Demand planning & forecasting – Use of predictive analytics to sense demand and accordingly regulate the ordering cycle to reduce wastage
    • Inventory management – A dynamic model to modify procurement based on the inventory levels and demand
    • Warehouse management – A solution to optimize warehouse space and modify warehouse location and instance based on demand and inventory cycles


Customers who have adopted TCS’ SCM solutions have experienced the following benefits:

  • Real-time KPI screening, higher productivity, lower risk and real-time visibility 
  • Improved forecasting accuracy, better demand planning, optimization and network design leading to Sales & Operations Planning advancement


Supply Chain Management and Procurement Services

Learn more about how TCS’ Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Procurement Services can help you streamline your supply chains, while ensuring enhanced performance from each link within the value chain.