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Apparel and Footwear


Become a market leader in the mature and highly competitive apparel and footwear (A&F) industry with TCS' digital marketing, e-commerce, analytics and supply chain solutions.

The TCS Advantage 

  • Our global consultants specializing in the Apparel & Footwear (A&F) Industry help you create sustainable supply chain systems that address the growing demand of your ever changing consumer
  • Our SCM solutions help you align your global trade functions with operational demands 
  • Our focused trade promotion analytics and retail execution help re-engineer processes and analytics for maximum ROI 
  • Our PLM tools and predictive models help you increase process velocity and ensure products and promotions reach consumers faster  

Solutions we offer

TCS solutions focus on demand planning and sourcing, and serve as a strong platform for analyzing and achieving better control over upstream activities. We provide solutions that address the A&F value chain including the following:

  • Digital Marketing solutions comprise of analytics for understanding consumer sentiments and tools to help promote products effectively online
  • E-commerce solutions is a comprehensive feature-rich platform that enables superior shopping experience, merchandising and marketing capabilities, order management / fulfillment and customer service and analytics
  • Analytics solutions provide robust analytical platforms that comprise demand signal management for better forecasting capabilities, pricing solution for optimized segment strategy and cross functional insights for collaborative decision making
  • Supply Chain Management solutions help design and optimize the procurement to distribution network
  • Agile Enterprise solutions utilize the speed and agility of today’s devices to achieve real time connectivity, rapid decision making and increased productivity


  • Agile and sustainable manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • Growth and innovation in a mature and highly competitive industry
  • Increased process velocity and faster time-to-market
  • Maximized ROI for digital marketing efforts
  • Support for real-time decision making through robust analytical tools

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