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Merchandising Solutions


Gain competitive advantage across all channels by adopting technology and analytics to deliver a seamless shopping experience for every consumer, with TCS' Merchandising solutions.


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TCS Advantage

  • TCS’ Merchandising Solutions help build sustainable competitive advantage while staying abreast with ever-growing needs for seamless integration and real time data reporting.
  • Our  experience in in designing and implementing merchandising solutions for leading retailers worldwide ensures the best returns on your IT investment and lower TCO.
  • Our merchandising consulting team has its presence in both US and UK with a total of over 250+ business analysts.  
  • Our experience coupled with a network of strategic alliances (with Retail Solution Vendors worldwide) provide solutions with flexible business models and reduced time-to-market.

Solutions we offer

Merchandise Planning: In today’s omni-channel world, merchandising decisions include choosing which products to offer and promote in store, web, mobile and emerging social channels along with providing a consistent customer experience. TCS’ Merchandise planning helps to increase revenue and margin by enabling cross-channel planning and collaboration, providing insights into customer demand and offering executable recommendations to optimize profitability.

Space Planning: Retailers are grappling with the challenge of maximizing same store revenues in an increasingly competitive environment and with the emergence of new channels. TCS merchandising space planning solutions help capture the customers' choice set and guide them to the right product by effectively planning and optimizing the store space. This ensures high return on space investment.

Assortment: Proliferation of SKUs, continuously evolving customer preferences and advent of multiple channels has increased the tradeoff between ease of shopping, variety and availability. It is important that retailers determine which item is to be stocked, substituted and deleted in the stores. We help retailers localize & differentiate their offerings, cater to shifting customer preferences & manage product lines to improve your top-line, bottom-line and market share.   

Merchandise Analytics: TCS Merchandising Analytics solution offers end-to-end identification, analysis and reporting of trends to help gather insights about the retailers' businesses and pulse of their customers. Customers are analyzed across all channels to determine the trend in buying. This helps retailers in the pricing, optimization and promotion of their products. 

Pricing: In the current business landscape, retailers are hard-pressed to remain competitive yet profitable. Tailoring prices as per the customer behavior, synchronizing price points across channels and facilitating changes at high speeds are some challenges they face. We offer capabilities right from defining the pricing strategy to selecting the right tool ecosystem and the downstream execution of the same.

Promotion: Promotion planning forms one of the core areas of a retailer's strategy to achieve planned sales in defined time frame, gain customer mind-share and stay ahead of competition. We help retailers in determining what to promote, when to promote, which promotion channel to adopt, synchronizing cross-channel promotions and measuring promo effectiveness.

Item Management: With the expansion of businesses in the global market place, retailers need to integrate SKUs, vendor information, etc. across channels and have a single view of merchandise. Our Item Management solution provides the expertise from both system and process perspectives to help you manage and track your merchandise right from sourcing to fulfillment.  

Allocation and Replenishment: As retailers are moving from a monolithic sourcing model to a distributed and agile supply chain network to hedge uncertainty, there is an increasing need to operate in lean lots with minimum stock outs. Another key aspect is to have higher fulfillment levels across channels and define how much to stock and where to stock specific to each channel. We help retailers allocate the right merchandise to the right stores in right quantity at the right time driven by state-of-the-art forecasting and replenishment strategies.


  • Integration of online and offline strategies and tactics across channels to drive efficiency, loyalty and profitability
  • Tailoring merchandising decisions based on shopper insights across channels to drive customer engagement and loyalty
  • Higher Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI) due to higher inventory productivity and optimized space allocations
  • Improved sales volume through reduced markdowns and effective promotion planning
  • Ready to go solutions and accelerators with lower TCO and flexible business models to reduce time-to-market

White Papers

The Challenges in Adopting Merchandise Optimization Solutions

This white paper explains the most common and key challenges encountered by leading retailers when adopting merchandise optimization solutions. It hopes to create awareness among the stakeholders in these organizations and assist them in avoiding and / or overcoming these challenges.

Analyst Reports

Retail Assortment Management Leaders and Contenders - Evaluation Insights Revealed

Read the recent Gartner report: “Retail Assortment Management Leaders and Contenders – Evaluation Insights Revealed” by Kevin Sterneckert. This report positions the TCS Assortment Tool as a leader in the assortment space.


Optumera - Macro Space Optimization

Learn how Optumera enables a store-category analysis at organizational financial goals level as well as individual markets and customer clusters. It facilitates what-if scenarios, over and above the optimal solution to in-corporate the merchandiser's knowledge of the industry and the retailer's operating practices.


RIS news exclusively covers TCS’ latest merchandising solution, Optumera

RIS talks about TCS' Optumera that analyzes the evolving consumer, technology and market trends to implement merchandising strategies. It mentions how the solution creates personalized, convenience-rich shopping experiences through macro-space optimization, competitive pricing and omni-channel assortment.