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TCS PeriVista Shopper - Retail Customer360 insights


Understand customers better by providing a 360 degree view encompassing social media data, Store, ecommerce, mobile data, transactions, interactions and associated analytics on a scalable & significantly less expensive Big data platform through TCS PeriVista Shopper. 

TCS PeriVista Shopper – Retail Customer360 Insights
Built on a Big data platform leveraging advanced data science, the solution enables the Retailer a comprehensive view of customer across all physical & digital touchpoints, channels and lines of business.


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TCS PeriVista Shopper enables retailers integrate the customer data and insights spread across their enterprise and beyond (Social media) into a single Cross-channel Analytical repository. Our offerings are componentized as shown below:

  • PeriVista Cross-channel identification engine: Enables customer identity matching within and across the enterprise (including social media) through our unique algorithms.

  • PeriVista Social analytics engine: Enables individual and aggregated social media mining for topics, sentiments, events, locations, preferences, network and social influence, allowing retailers to understand customer’s social persona and personalize social media engagement. Also available in 'Analytics as a Service' model.

  • PeriVista Retail Cross-channel Analytics: Pre-built customer metrics for marketing, merchandising, in-store engagement and customer service, at your fingertips. Build deeper customer understanding – segments, lifetime value & likelihood to buy, based on purchases and interactions across channels and touchpoints. Build shopper-driven store clusters for optimizing assortments to local needs.

  • PeriVista Data acquisition engine: Simplifies inbound data integration from a variety of sources into our Big Data insights platform.

  • PeriVista explorer: Captures business and technical metadata and allows end-users controlled direct access to the insights repository for self-serve capability.


  • Understand the 360 degree view of the digital shopper across all channels & Interactions including social media.
  • Best of Master data capabilities and analytical datawarehouse on a single integrated and scalable Big Data Platform.
  • Derive meaning from every customer touchpoint by combining & analyzing structured and unstructured information.
  • 30 - 50% reduction in TCO by leveraging Big Data compared to Tradatitional data warehousing platforms.
  • Drive sales & margins up by 3 - 4 % by making shopper-centric merchandising decisions.
  • Derive customer insights in near real time by taking advantage of the scalability and superior processing capability of Big Data.
  • Increase loyalty enrollment, sales & campaign ROI by recommending most relevant next best actions.
  • Ability to configure the solution to meet business goals.
  • The TCS Advantage

  • TCS PeriVista Shopper has been customized to meet the cross-channel marketing, merchandising and customer engagement needs of retailers.
  • Modularized solution: TCS also offers implementation, customization and integration services.
  • Accelerated deployment: Jumpstart your customer insights program in four to six weeks with our flexible service model.
  • TCS has premium alliance partnerships with all leading Big Data distribution partners.You can benefit from significant savings on license and storage costs compared to traditional platforms.

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