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Optumera™: Next Generation Shopper-centric Merchandise Optimization Suite


Enhance your topline, reduce your inventory costs and delight your customers with Optumera™, TCS’ next generation shopper-centric merchandise optimization suite. 

TCS OptumeraTM Competitive Pricing
In this video, know how TCS Optumera Competitive Pricing helps you increase sales and profits through improved competitive intelligence and price aware recommendations based on 360-degree monitoring of competitor’s price changes.


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The TCS Advantage

  • TCS offers augmented business services to help you achieve business outcomes faster, leading to quicker ROI. Optumera is a cost effective high performance solution designed to meet the challenges of today’s retail landscape. 
  • Our solution uses performance-driven architecture, harnessing the power of Self-Organizing In-Memory Distributed Processing (SIMD) to ensure solution scalability, while minimizing your infrastructure investments. Optumera enables rapid number crunching in multiple Big Data scenarios. The solution also provides configurable rule sets, workflows, dashboards, collaboration tools, and what-if analysis capabilities for easier planning. 
  • Our holistic approach delivers optimized, localized, shopper-centric assortment plans, store layouts, and competitive prices, increasing sales and reducing costs. Our solution makes merchandising relevant to consumer preferences, going beyond customer satisfaction to customer delight. It achieves this by taking into consideration shopper, social media, market, and item performance, empowering you to develop truly shopper-centric merchandising plans. 
  • Optumera understands and analyzes sales trends so that you can isolate and quantify the impact of each change before synthesizing the overall impact for accurate forecasting. 
  • We offer complete, end-to-end services, including business case development, readiness assessment, business process definition, integration, and business process services. Our solution can be deployed by leveraging our flexible business models to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). 


Optumera™’s unique features help you reinvent your business by embracing the evolving consumer, technology and market trends and implementing cutting-edge merchandising strategies – placing the shopper in the driver's seat. Our solution creates personalized, convenience-rich shopping experiences through macro space optimization, competitive pricing, and omni-channel assortment. Using Optumera , you can right-space categories, stay responsive to complex shopper price sensitivities, and complete shopper baskets across channels. It offers the following capabilities:

Macro Space Optimization: It enables you to right space categories in store and make the best use of available floor space, evaluating alternate revenue opportunities and scientifically understanding the impact of modifying category space.

Competitive Pricing: It helps you improve profitability and ROI across channels through competitive intelligence and optimized prices. It enables you to manage the complexities of shopping competitors across channels, implement competitive pricing strategies, respond to consumer price sensitivities and pre-empt competitor prices in real time.

Omni-Channel Assortment: It offers cross-channel insights to enable you to actively identify opportunities to complete assortments, diagnose item performance, ensure profitability and enrich item attributes for better management - creating tailored mixes for stores and digital channels, prompting shoppers to complete their baskets across channels.

Optumera apps :

Planogram Compliance App: Optumera Planogram Compliance app, integrated with JDA Space Planning, enables real-time automation of planogram compliance, optimizes execution and eliminates data entry inaccuracies. It helps you to do a planogram reset to facilitate better on-shelf visibility and inventory management.

Concept to Contract App: Optumera Buyer Mobility app helps fashion retailers streamline buying by managing the process of translating a concept into a contract for new product development. The app can be easily integrated with existing enterprise software, helping buyers to stay connected and get real-time alerts, during pre-launch as well as in-season. It enables buyers to capture style details, create place holders, crowd source, negotiate with vendors and create purchase orders on-the-go.


Backed by our strong domain experience in the area of pricing, space and assortment optimization, our holistic Optumera™ approach makes the merchandising process a shopper-centric one. Optumera™ provides agility to the merchandise process and brings the following advantages:

  • Increased sales and higher margins: Maximize the returns on your store space, often a significant majority of your total asset base. Optumera helps retailers worldwide to record 3 to 5 % increases in sales and gross margins.
  • Improved store planning and deployment:Introduce new lines, rent space, change formats and assortments, or digitize aisles. With minimal disruption, accurate forecasting, and in-depth analysis, re-configure and re-deploy store space quickly and effectively.
  • Pricing Competitively: Implement strategic, responsive pricing, improving your price competitiveness. Leverage Optumera for deep analytics, and anticipate market trends early with our competitive intelligence engine
  • Enriched assortment:Harness Optumera Omni-Channel Assortment to complete shopper baskets across channels, enhance personalization and in-store engagement, and right-size your assortment through localization and item diagnostics. 

Download Optumera Suite | Download Optumera Apps | Download SAP Optumera Competitive Pricing


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