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TCS’ telecom offerings and solutions help telecom companies respond better and faster to the fast-changing business environment and growing opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management

Challenge: Aggressive competition for customers with many options

What TCS Provides: Solutions aimed at the most effective possible customer relationship and lifecycle management that retain customers and keep costs down

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Challenge: Increased competition due to deregulation

What TCS Provides: Effective enterprise resource planning strategies and solutions that include integrated operations using ERP solutions to support finance, HR, billing, receivables management, CRM and network asset management.

Lean Operations

Challenges: Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under constant pressure to optimize operational costs, gain agility and offer superior services to customers more so because of the changing business models and increased value chain. Containing costs, streamlining operations, retaining customer loyalty and maximizing the Average Margin Per User (AMPU) are the current business imperatives.

What TCS Provides: TCS can help overcome these challenges by enabling telecom service providers to operate in an optimized, agile and self-funding IT environment, providing overall financial performance with the agility needed to thrive in a competitive scenario by using lean principles of process automation and service reusability.

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Hosted OSS-BSS

Challenges: Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS-BSS) infrastructure for telecom organizations often is complex and expensive. You continually need to analyze and keep track of impact of market requirements, quality of service, operations and technical upgrades on your OSS-BSS

What TCS Provides: Under the “Hosted OSS-BSS” solution, TCS will own, host and manage your OSS-BSS (COTS) applications and deliver specific instances from TCS’ data centers while your organization can concentrate on enhancing customer value.

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Network Management

Challenges: Significant network operating expenditure associated with multiple vendors, applications and technologies, combined with demanding customers and regulatory changes.

What TCS Provides: Solutions to optimize network management and ensure that network infrastructure has high-availability and is secure and efficient.

Value-Added Services

Challenges: Telecom service providers increasingly rely on value-added services to create differentiation. Constantly evolving customer expectations for newer and better services force organizations to reevaluate their technology infrastructure.

What TCS Provides: Easily deployable solutions that will give your customers innovative and cost-effective value-added services and help transform your business.

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service Delivery Platform

Challenges: Diminishing voice revenues (ARPU), high churn rate and increasing competition compel you to look at new revenue streams.

What TCS Provides: TCS’ standards-based approach helps support a complete ecosystem of next-generation data services - from design and development to deployment, management and quick service roll-outs.

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IP transformation

Challenge: Increasingly, telecom operators migrate from distinct networks for voice, data, and video services to a single broadband infrastructure based on Internet Protocol (IP).

What TCS Provides: TCS can help you accelerate the launch and deployment of innovative services to meet the increasing demand for IP Transformation services.

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IP multimedia subsystems

Challenge: Telecom operators need to constantly enhance network infrastructure to optimize network operations, moving towards IMS, an IP-based session and control architecture.

What TCS Provides: TCS provides support for system integration, testing and development, and migration of services on IMS platforms, resulting in low operating costs, speedy introduction of new services and open architecture.

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Integrated IPTV solutions

Challenges: Uncertainty over technologies, levels of investment, unfamiliarity with content business and lack of network readiness

What TCS Provides: TCS can help you overcome these challenges by providing end-to-end service offerings (Network, Content, OSS/BSS and convergent VAS) and helping launch high-quality, scalable and stable IPTV services.

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handset testing

Challenge: Evolving handset technologies have led to a transformation of the telecom industry into sophisticated device and network platforms, catering to the demands of next-generation converged application and services

What TCS Provides: TCS can help you validate and verify complex end-to-end network infrastructures, new access technologies and applications.

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wireless system integration

Challenge: Providing best-in-class network services to customers at all times and at all locations – stationary or while on the move.

What TCS Provides: With TCS’ extensive experience in Network Consultancy across multiple technological domains and emerging technologies, we can help you provide your customers the seamless service that they demand.

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Mobile solutions

Challenges: With mobile phones achieving ubiquitous levels of penetration among consumers, people aspire to do more with their mobile phones. After the revolution that was ushered in by affordable mobile phones, there is a gradual shift by consumers and businesses alike to embrace affordable smart phones.

What TCS Provides: TCS offers mobile solutions and applications on various mobile technology platforms. A vast technology bandwidth enables us to work across diverse platforms, ranging from PDA-based development to mobile internet and wireless phone software.

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IPTV Services

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