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TCS telecom offerings and solutions help telecom companies respond better and faster to the fast-changing business environment and growing opportunities.


OSS Service Assurance:

Challenges: Communication service providers are redefining their current business and operating models by adopting next-generation technologies to provide an improved customer experience. Challenge lies in delivering a seamless service to customers while maintaining the right balance between existing legacy network elements and next generation technology.

What TCS provides: Our OSS Service Assurance Solution is based on analyzing your existing Service Assurance Ecosystem and implementing processes for optimization and improvement. We integrate various OSS sub-systems to provide a holistic view and improved control of network operations through our COTS agnostic solutions and strategic partnerships with leading COTS products vendors in OSS.   

Product Engineering:

Challenges: Telecom equipment manufacturers consistently face the challenge of maintaining balance between innovating for the future and supporting existing portfolio of products, a balance between investing on next-generation technologies versus legacy products, a decision which has to be taken in the backdrop of business simplification and revenue enhancements.

What TCS provides: TCS brings with it more than two decades of end-to-end product engineering experience across Software engineering and applications, Hardware and embedded design, Architecture and systems engineering, and Manufacturing & professional services. We also have solution enablers like Telco Cloud, Devices and Chipsets, LTE and WLAN/WiFi. Our solutions can help you in building innovative products and solutions, getting products out in the market quickly, Rationalizing R&D Spend and gaining a trusted partner for your complete R&D needs.  

Customer Relationship Management:

Challenges: For service providers across the world, declining customer tenacity, high churn rates, customer engagement and reducing ARPUs have become a big concern along with a rising need of personalized services to retain the customers.

What TCS provides: With our advanced CRM solution we ensure quick launch of services, manage product bundling, acquire orders and deliver efficiently, and ensure a consistent customer experience across different service channels. TCS has end-to-end offerings that help you strategize, manage and implement a solution efficiently. We have been collaborating with CRM product vendors –On premise and on Cloud - and we have emerged as the pioneers in digital technology.  

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Connected Devices Management:

Challenges: With high proliferation of telecommunication devices, and with non-communication devices such as household appliances becoming connected, there is a need for a single multi-device management platform that could be used to remotely manage IP-devices including end user devices, enterprise devices, and network elements. Communication service providers (CSPs) are also looking at leveraging the cloud for standardized global operations and monetizing their investments.

What TCS provides: TCS has developed a cloud-based, vendor-agnostic Connected Devices Management (CDM) platform to remotely manage IP devices in homes, enterprises, and telecom networks. Our CDM platform has multi-vendor management capabilities based on the Broadband Forum TR-069 family standard along with SNMP, SSH, Telnet, CLI, and web-based support. Our CDM platform consists of three solutions: Home Device Management, Enterprise Device Management, and Network Element Management which helps you optimize the cost of operations, enhance efficiency, improve network visibility and empowers the end users to do more.


EV Enterprise IT Operations:

Challenges: Changing consumer behavior and needs are resulting in rapid changes in telecom technologies creating a very dynamic and competitive business environment. Intense competition from new players, significant change in product -mix and target customer base, demands efficient and agile enterprise IT that can effectively meet current and future needs of your business.

What TCS provides: With our vast domain expertise in Telecom Technology & solution offerings across end to end business processes, we transform & optimize business across systems, process & people. TCS’ Business transformation solutions offer architecture and strategy roadmap for large transformation programs across the landscape. By leveraging our innovative offerings in leading-edge technologies we help you future-proof your business support systems across functions such as PLM, sales and marketing, supply chain and other support functions.   

Network Management

Challenges: As the telecom industry transitions into a platform of opportunities, the network has become critical to an organization's efficiency and agility. Exploiting the opportunities of evolving technology innovations without disrupting operations is one of the biggest challenges a CTO faces today.

What TCS provides: TCS helps clients build future ready networks by enabling continuous improvement and reduced costs through its solutions across the network lifecycle. With our Communications & Network Solutions Practice you can accelerate your fixed and wireless network deployment, deliver a superior customer experience, reduce cost, and introduce new technologies across vendors and locations without disrupting operations.  

Service Platform Solution:

Challenges: While managing and selling their existing offerings and creating and bringing new offerings to the market, CSPs need a service platform which embodies technical and business strategy for - offering, managing, controlling and optimizing - the service alongwith the flexibility in integrating the existing operating systems and assets to enable network capabilities.

What TCS provides: TCS facilitates efficient and seamless service migrations from legacy to  next-generation platform. We manage the creation, orchestration, upgrade, and maintenance of services across networks. Our strong alliance ecosystem across traditional and next generation service platform vendors position us uniquely to build solutions for CSPs in a vendor-agnostic manner. We have created Intellectual Property in the form of building a carrier-grade, cloud-ready  collaboration platform based on open source technologies which can be used by enterprise and retail users.  

Supply Chain Management:

Challenges: Unprecedented change in the telecom industry has renewed focus on end-to-end supply chain management as the equipment vendors are plagued with challenges like declining revenue growth, competition from low cost equipment vendors, shorter product life cycles, rapid changes in technology, timely demand fulfilment etc. Telecom equipment vendors are aiming for efficient, agile and responsive supply chains to compete in a network economy.

What TCS provides: TCS’s supply chain solution for Telecom Equipment Vendors provides diverse services and solutions including, Supply Chain Consulting - where we define a global SCM strategy and roadmap by leveraging our assets and frameworks, End-to-end IT Services - that leverage IP-based platforms to deliver value from strategy to maintenance, Supply Chain Process Management - that ensures One Global Service across GNDM and, eco-sustainability solutions.    

Net Promoter Score:

Challenges: NPS is the difference between number of promoters (or customers likely to recommend the service provider to their friends) & detractors (i.e dissatisfied customers). NPS gives a clue about how engaged the end customer is with the service provider and it subsumes within itself, the entire gamut of customer experience aspects from the relevance of the offer made, the competition assessment, the customer care processes as also billing and related processes. For service providers the challenge remains in increasing the number of promoters and simultaneously decreasing the number of detractors, thus CSPs are increasingly using NPS to benchmark and improve their customer relationships.

What TCS provides: We collaborate with you to create achievable goals to improve NPS in a time bound manner through Multi-channel management, Customer Insights and Intelligence platform, Mobile applications and business process management. The advantage of NPS lies in its capability as a trigger to delve deeper and identify specific areas of improvement across your systems, processes, communication, and points of customer interaction.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Challenges: Increased competition due to deregulation

What TCS Provides: Effective enterprise resource planning strategies and solutions that include integrated operations using ERP solutions to support finance, HR, billing, receivables management, CRM and network asset management.  

Lean Operations

Challenges: Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under constant pressure to optimize operational costs, gain agility and offer superior services to customers more so because of the changing business models and increased value chain. Containing costs, streamlining operations, retaining customer loyalty and maximizing the Average Margin Per User (AMPU) are the current business imperatives.

What TCS Provides: TCS can help overcome these challenges by enabling telecom service providers to operate in an optimized, agile and self-funding IT environment, providing overall financial performance with the agility needed to thrive in a competitive scenario by using lean principles of process automation and service reusability.

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Hosted OSS-BSS

Challenges: In a dynamic telecom market today, CSPs regularly face the challenges of declining revenues, high time to market, complex business processes, uncertainty in transformation & simplification journey and complex legacy. Telcos have built complexity in their IT, Technology and processes that is unable to change at the same pace as the business expectations. The business and engagement models of Telco’s are likely to get more complex in the future.

What TCS provides: TCS HOBS platform provides Pre-integrated suite of end to end OSS/BSS Applications, Pre-modelled Business Processes, and Implementation & Support Services that are delivered against committed Business SLAs. The solution is offered on ‘As-a-Service’ model, with ‘Build-as-you-Grow’ & ‘Pay-as-you-Use’ flexible Opex based commercial models which enables CSPs to simplify legacy products & services, reduce time to market for new products and services  and, helps with business growth.

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Value-Added Services

Challenges: Telecom service providers increasingly rely on value-added services to create differentiation. Constantly evolving customer expectations for newer and better services force organizations to reevaluate their technology infrastructure.

What TCS Provides: Easily deployable solutions that will give your customers innovative and cost-effective value-added services and help transform your business.

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service Delivery Platform

Challenges: Diminishing voice revenues (ARPU), high churn rate and increasing competition compel you to look at new revenue streams.

What TCS Provides: TCS’ standards-based approach helps support a complete ecosystem of next-generation data services - from design and development to deployment, management and quick service roll-outs.

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IP transformation

Challenges: Increasingly, telecom operators migrate from distinct networks for voice, data, and video services to a single broadband infrastructure based on Internet Protocol (IP).

What TCS Provides: TCS can help you accelerate the launch and deployment of innovative services to meet the increasing demand for IP Transformation services.

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IP multimedia subsystems

Challenges: Telecom operators need to constantly enhance network infrastructure to optimize network operations, moving towards IMS, an IP-based session and control architecture.

What TCS Provides: TCS provides support for system integration, testing and development, and migration of services on IMS platforms, resulting in low operating costs, speedy introduction of new services and open architecture.

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Integrated IPTV solutions

Challenges: The major challenges in IPTV are uncertainty over technologies unfamiliarity with content business and lack of network readiness

What TCS Provides: TCS can help you overcome these challenges by providing end-to-end service offerings (Network, Content, OSS/BSS and convergent VAS) and helping launch high-quality, scalable and stable IPTV services.

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handset testing

Challenges: Evolving handset technologies have led to a transformation of the telecom industry into sophisticated device and network platforms, catering to the demands of next-generation converged application and services

What TCS Provides: TCS can help you validate and verify complex end-to-end network infrastructures, new access technologies and applications.

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wireless system integration

Challenges: Providing best-in-class network services to customers at all times and at all locations – stationary or while on the move.

What TCS Provides: With TCS’ extensive experience in Network Consultancy across multiple technological domains and emerging technologies, we can help you provide your customers the seamless service that they demand.

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Mobile solutions

Challenges: With mobile phones achieving ubiquitous levels of penetration among consumers, people aspire to do more with their mobile phones. After the revolution that was ushered in by affordable mobile phones, there is a gradual shift by consumers and businesses alike to embrace affordable smart phones.

What TCS Provides: TCS offers mobile solutions and applications on various mobile technology platforms. A vast technology bandwidth enables us to work across diverse platforms, ranging from PDA-based development to mobile internet and wireless phone software.

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