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Legacy (TPF and Unisys) Systems Modernization


Maintaining legacy applications and enhancing the functionalities is time consuming and expensive. This also means that the majority of the IT budget goes in the maintenance rather than the development of new systems. There is an acute shortage of resources to work on these technologies. Furthermore, it is difficult to integrate these systems with other enterprise applications.

What TCS Provides:

  • Access to a large pool (400+) of experienced resources in TPF and Unisys technologies and 1500+ person years of experience in these technologies
  • Services covering the entire gamut of services ranging from strategic consulting to implementation, application development, aaintenance and re-engineering
  • Dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for TPF and Unisys that create processes, methodologies and tools to streamline legacy activities


Customer Loyalty Solutions

TCS has vast experience in partnering with clients in implementing “Customer Experience Management” solutions covering eCommerce, loyalty management, CRM, and sales and marketing solutions.


  • High operational costs with the existing legacy systems
  • Lack of seamless interfaces with the community/business partners
  • Lack of flexibility to change business rules as per market demands
  • Compliance to new standards like IFRIC 13, due to inflexible legacy systems

What TCS Provides:

TCS, with its technology and domain expertise combined with capabilities and maturity in process models and methodologies and strong alliances with technology partners across the spectrum, offers you predictable delivery, reduced implementation risk, technology proofing and faster time-to-market.

For loyalty solutions, the TCS TTH Innovation lab offers an Integrated Loyalty Solution that comprises the following:

  • Loyalty process BPM to provide business flexibility and agility
  • Integrated CRM Marketing framework that provides the capability to run marketing campaigns
  • Integration with ESB for the delivery of marketing offers in real time
  • Closed loop with customer touch points for experience management
  • Integration with ESB to enable service with enterprise applications and partnership to ensure higher flexibility


MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul)

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aircrafts has been a complex domain due to the stringent safety requirements and the volume of maintenance involved. Maintenance organizations need an IT solution that is simple, faster to deploy, cost effective and equipped with industry best practices.

TCS, in collaboration with British Airways, offers the SWIFT MRO solution. It is a “blueprint-ready” product built on the SAP ERP platform. It has proven business benefits, comes with Implementation accelerators and offers you scalability to meet the industry trends.

For more details, visit Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO).

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White Papers

The Road Ahead: Low-carbon freight logistics for the 21st century

This white paper illustrates that in the face of almost 2.5 fold growth by 2050, the freight logistics industry can reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by about 27% relative to today’s levels. Moreover, we expect this to bring net industry savings of almost USD 1 trillion in 2050.