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Travel Management Companies


Travel Management Companies (TMCs) face a host of challenges in today’s dynamically changing priorities of customers and suppliers. Price elasticity is leading to an all-time low customer loyalty; increased customer expectations is leading to the commoditization of travel; multiple channels to reach customers directly is making TMCs compete with suppliers directly.

To overcome these growing challenges, TMCs companies are looking for agile and superior customer support from a committed solution provider to reduce operating costs and also be a partner in its mission. The objective of TMCs practice is to provide the best services in areas like application development and maintenance, infrastructure services, business process outsourcing to help its valued customers succeed. We provide cost benefits through aggressive off-shoring capabilities and various other avenues leading to greater control over delivery budget.


  • Availability of multiple channels leading to breakdown of traditional boundaries within the travel distribution chain
  • Elimination of airline commissions forcing TMCs to commoditize travel
  • Vertically integrated travel organizations struggling with the complexities of securing contracted supply for their wholly owned distribution channels
  • Need for proactive customer information on their desktops to meet increased customer expectations
  • Lack of integrated travel and non-travel information to meet customer needs
  • Provision of round-the-clock services with superior customer service
  • Emergence of “Low Cost GDSs” that aim to create True Connect within the network of suppliers, clients and agents with the help of automation and compete directly with TMCs
  • Increased Opex and Capx costs

What TCS Provides

We offer a full-service play and end-to-end management including consultancy, project management, application development, application support, infrastructure service management and business process management.TCS has a range of service offerings specially designed for TMCs for Front office, Mid office and Back office applications.

Front Office

TCS offer solutions to help develop, upgrade, migrate or integrate systems.

  • The TCS application serves as an “all in one” desk application for Travel and Financial services. The system has Foreign Exchange, Leisure Travel, Travel Management, Call Centre modules that help travel agencies automate their operations.
  • We facilitate Travel Reservation Services for e-commerce and traditional channels for business and leisure travel.
  • We have extensive offering in Foreign Exchange services that enable TMCs to become full-service players in the managed travel segment.
  • We help customers create dynamic packages integrating both air and non-air products.
  • Our integrated Travel Agent Desktop Search Engine offering provides proactive customer information to decrease agent response time and help up-sell.  

Mid Office

Master data maintenance that includes the maintenance of airlines, corporate deals, supplier agreements, customer agreements, exchange rates, yield management and generating reports forms the core of mid office. The mid office provides information to the front office on demand.

  • We develop and support Visa services
  • We help TMCs develop travel dashboards to analyze and save corporate travel cost
  • We provide quality assurance testing of fares and pricing development projects

Back office

From multiple BPO centers across the globe, onsite and offshore, we provide a wide range of back-office solutions that include platform and non-platform solutions categorized in the following vertical and horizontal offerings:

  • Fares Helpdesk Support Facility
  • Fares, Hotel and Reservation Database Management
  • Agency Debit Memo Handling
  • Investigate Sell Failure data
  • Offer services for Schedules and Availability projects
  • Troubleshoot message fallouts
  • Revenue, Traffic and Sales and Refunds Accounting
  • Fare Audit Services

Business Value

TCS value additions include the following:

  • A robust delivery model consisting of a 25-point matrix-driven delivery system for service consistency
  • Access to global research and academic network through the Innovation Labs that provide cutting-edge, next-generation Desktop, IBE and mobile solutions
  • Access to multiple Centers of Excellence (CoEs) technical knowledge and domain, that provides the satisfaction of dealing with one-stop-solution providers
  • Creation and execution of a customer IT roadmap toward becoming partners in long-term relationships
  • Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™) that results in an agile work style, high-quality results and reduced risks
  • Up to 43% effort reduction with the automation of manual and inefficient processes

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