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Customer Services

Current Challenges: Retaining and acquiring customers due to opening up of the market, regulatory pressures to reduce downtime and maintaining high level of customer satisfaction is becoming essential - thus changing the erstwhile asset centric view of the Industry into being more customer centric.

What TCS Provides: TCS' Customer Information System (CIS) and Billing solution addresses competitive challenges and operational issues, and helps utilities adapt to the fundamental restructuring of the Utilities marketplace.

The customer management space can be broadly divided into:

  • Revenue Management
  • Customer Services

Our major focus areas in Revenue Management Services include:

  • Energy Billing in regulated environment
  • Energy Billing in de-regulated environment
  • Contract Management
  • Payment Management
  • Energy Accounting
  • Metering Solution and Demand Side Management

Our major focus areas in Customer Services include:

Contact Centre Solution, Customer Information System (CIS) and CRM solution

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Enterprise Solutions

Current Challenges: Increased globalization and mergers and acquisitions create a need for a unified platform for seamless operations across multiple vendors and multiple installations in different locations. There is a strong need for customization to address real and perceived gaps among the third party vendor applications and the utilities requirements.

What TCS Provides: TCS leverages its domain expertise and technology expertise gained through its Utilities COE, SAP COE (SUAVE - SAP Utility Applications Value Enhancement program) and Oracle COE to provide:

  • Templates to address industry specific problems such as Dashboards for Water and Gas
  • Composites built from proven components to address white spaces
  • Bolt on solutions with En’rgise

En’rgise is TCS’ re-usable solution framework for Materials Management, Operations and Maintenance, Human Resource Management and Financial Management. En’rgise includes utility specific modules like Energy Accounting System, Fuel Management System, and the Energy Billing System. En’rgise also offers expertise in implementation and support for the full range of SAP and Oracle back office modules.

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Business Intelligence and Performance Management

Current Challenges: Benchmarking business operations and improving operational efficiency, enabling information transparency across the enterprise, compliance to regulatory requirements and reporting and leveraging customer analytics to improve customer satisfaction through customized product and service offerings have become essential for utility companies.

What TCS Provides: TCS’ uBIDS (Business Intelligence Domain Solution for Utilities Industry) offering is a conglomeration of its experience in utilities industry domain and leadership in the BI space that help enterprises implement effective BI solution to aid the decision-making process.

uBIDS is a technology-independent framework which addresses various analytical and operational information needs of a typical utilities company in a de-regulated and competitive market environment. uBIDS aims at quicker definition, scoping and implementation of various business specific analytics. It gives the enterprise the advantage of a ready-to-implement enterprise-wide Logical Data Model (LDM) along with Analytical Templates, thus enabling rapid deployment of a business analytics solution.

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Energy Trading and Risk Management

Current Challenges: Increasing liquidity, rising energy price volatility together with introduction of the financial instruments in the energy market has resulted in a significant increase in the role of ETRM. Utilities today use ETRM as a mandatory solution rather than a tool for differentiation.

What TCS Provides: Our key offerings in the area of Energy Trading and Risk Management include Business Process Consulting for Energy Trading and Risk Management, ETRM product evaluation, ETRM solution implementation and support, Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR), and Tariff Restructuring and Revision.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Current Challenges: Mitigating the risk of making significant IT investment in an IT portfolio of applications that may become stranded if there is a significant or radical change in market structure has led to a shift from Tactical Sourcing to Strategic Sourcing.

What TCS Provides:

  • Analysis and generation of reports on customer correspondence
  • Validation against customer’s business application data
  • Generation of correspondence analytics for payable calculation

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