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Building Competence in IT Transformation



The subject of IT Transformation and its potential impact on business outcomes is both critical and difficult to master. Company executives who are charged with carrying out this transformation face incredible demands. In many ways, they venture into uncharted waters, with all the stakeholders in the enterprise expecting them to navigate the challenge efficiently and effectively.

Perspectives, Volume 1: Building Competence in IT TransformationFor most companies, projects in the inbox are piling up, and most of them are not merely incremental adjustments to the existing processes and systems, but rather substantial leaps forward. The drivers for change come from every direction as the modern enterprise grows in complexity and scope. Value-creating processes within companies are more complex. More and more activities happen outside companies in extended business networks. Demands for increased compliance and better financial returns seem only to increase. The pace of change is faster than ever.

The first challenge is to organize this complexity into a context that sorts out the issues at hand, presents a strategic hypothesis for success and defines initiatives to carry out the strategy. At the end of this process, the hurdles are execution, organizational change and IT transformation.

At Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), we have helped our global clients navigate through many waves of IT transformation over several decades. This collective knowledge and experience accumulated by our consultants now finds expression in the inaugural issue of our journal Perspectives.

This issue of Perspectives provides an in-depth exploration and analysis of the four stages of IT transformation, where you will read practical and actionable information on the following:

  • Reducing the cost of running IT: Learning how to control IT costs and shed unnecessary infrastructure
  • Diverting spends to strategic IT: Simply freeing up budgets is not enough you need the competence to distinguish strategic opportunities where IT investments will drive change
  • Managing change in the area of people and processes: Change must be embraced enthusiastically for new ideas in IT transformation to succeed
  • Chargeback IT to make it self-supporting: Ensuring that business leaders bear the direct costs of the IT they require, in order to align business goals and resources for IT transformation

IT transformation is a discipline in its own right in which skills and knowledge needs to be consciously and purposefully pursued.

Read Perspectives, Volume 1: Building Competence for IT Transformation

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