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Corporate Sustainability


In line with our strategic objective to be a responsible corporate citizen, our constant endeavour is to reduce the impact from our operations to the environment.

N Chandrasekaran "TCS’ vision is to decouple business growth and ecological footprint from its operations to address the environment bottom-line. The green approach is embedded in our internal processes and services offerings...... From green buildings to green IT to a green supply chain, our mantra is to grow sustainably and help our customers achieve sustainable growth through our green solutions and service offerings"

- N Chandrasekaran, CEO & MD, TCS

TCS’ Sustainability Initiatives – The Three Pillars

Sustainable Operations: Being an organization of more than 300,000 employees our infrastructure, facilities, and associates have a large impact on the society and environment. CLIMATE DISCLOSURE LEADER 2012We aim to run our operations in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. For instance, a large portion of the infrastructure for our operations in this decade is being built or yet to be built. We aim to build these as “greener infrastructure.” 

Corporate Social Responsibilty: The guiding principle of TCS’ CSR programmes is “Impact through Empowerment.” TCS has a diverse range of global CSR initiatives in the areas of education, health and environment: volunteering, funding and pro bono leveraging of our IT capabilities. 

Solutions for our Customers: With a dedicated eco-sustainability team working across industry verticals, we aim to provide next-generation sustainability services to our customers. We integrate sustainability into their business strategies and unlock environmental efficiencies in their entire value chain.

Learn about our Environmental Targets | GovernanceRecognitions 

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Case Studies

Computer-Based Functional Literacy Solution For Adult Literacy

Successfully deployed in India and abroad, TCS’ Computer-Based Functional Literacy (CBFL) solution is an innovative teaching method that uses theories of cognition and pedagogy, and multimedia to impart learning. CBFL has the potential to lift our country’s literacy rate in record time.


Empowerment through learning: Computer-Based Functional Literacy

Computer-Based Functional Literacy Program is a corporate-wide initiative to address and overcome impediments of illiteracy through information technology. With computers and flash cards, we made use of animated graphics patterns for visualization and audio appreciation. This method ensures one learns within 40 to 45 hours of reading.


TCS’ Participation in BitC’s Corporate Responsibility Index

TCS achieves Platinum+ status in Business in the Community’s (BitC) Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) as of April 1, 2012


Partnering with the community toward health, education and the planet

In 2010-11, TCS supported its local communities in various ways in the United States:Supported the victims of the 2010 Chilean earthquakeConducted IT educational programs for high school students in CincinnatiRaised support and awareness for diabetes prevention through a series of marathon sponsorships