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Empowering SIAM to fulfil its Promise

With enterprises witnessing a surge in outsourcing, an effective Service Integration and Management (SIAM) catering to various aspects of service delivery in a business-IT ecosystem can make vendor management less of a nightmare.

With constant advances in technology, it becomes imperative for any enterprise to be agile and extensible to stay ahead of the competition. Enterprises have turned to outsourcing, partnership and collaboration for speedy and cost effective service delivery. This has in turn, forced many enterprises to sign service delivery contracts with discrete vendors without practicing a disciplined vendor management.

While adopting a multi-vendor strategy, for an efficient end to end service delivery, the enterprises should also ensure seamless cooperation between their internal and external vendors. This is where an efficient ‘Service Integration and Management’ function comes into picture. Organizations adopting multi-vendor services often try to find answers to the following questions:

  • How to achieve insight into the quality of services rendered by vendors?
  • How to compare vendor performance ‘on the fly’ on parameters important to business?
  • How to assure that vendors meet regulatory and security requirements?
  • How to leverage vendor performance data to further tighten vendor SLAs and drive service quality improvement?
  • How to be sure when to offload an underperforming vendor?
  • How to establish a reliable system for measuring key IT parameters?
  • How to measure delivered end-service quality against past performance, expected targets and to-be stretch targets?
  • How to respond to user demands and market trends while ensuring sustained delivery of committed end services?

Organizations can achieve the intended benefits of their outsourcing and partnering initiatives by adopting SIAM through an integrated tools approach.

TCS MasterCraft suite of products can address the exacting tooling demands for an effective SIAM by catering to different aspects of service delivery in a typical business-IT ecosystem by use of analytics. An efficient SIAM solves the problem of tedious vendor management, thereby converting a team of star players into a star team.

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