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Optimizing IT Service Delivery: Technology is the answer


When the world is witnessing a technology disruption at an increasing pace, IT service delivery organizations are faced with the challenge of creating a balance between next-generation IT and managing traditional systems effectively. In this paper, we focus on how enterprises should optimize the entire value chain without disrupting the ongoing IT service delivery processes.

Catch the February 2015 edition of the research paper by Everest research group, which focuses on how enterprises should optimize IT Service delivery making use of technology based solutions.

To achieve an optimized service delivery, enterprises should focus their efforts across the entire SDLC. For this, technology-driven initiatives that deliver end to end services for application lifecycle should be used. Enterprises need to automate, industrialize and digitize their processes to make them aligned to industry best practices.

This report analyzes the challenges of IT service delivery and suggests mitigation strategies to tackle those. The key focus areas are:

  • Key challenges in existing practices for IT Service Delivery
  • Value erosion from suboptimal IT service delivery
  • Role of Technology across the SDLC to optimize IT service delivery
  • Value and key success factors- technology- led IT service delivery optimization

In this research, the focus is on how organizations should direct all their efforts towards technology-led optimization of IT service delivery, which can optimize various processes within the SDLC. These end to end solutions can significantly improve the quality of business offerings and result in higher return on investment (ROI) for the business.

A growing enterprise needs to bring a culture of assessing the entire application lifecycle end to end rather than only specific areas or point support. All this is possible only if tools can assist in application-centric IT service delivery that can support business outcomes.

Learn how technology if leveraged correctly, can make IT service delivery optimization a reality.

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