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IT Simplification and Beyond

Achieving IT Simplification need not be a tenuous task. Automation and digitization can contribute to a risk free and cost optimized way for simplification. A formalized approach and a proven toolset can accelerate your transformation journey, modernize your application portfolio and optimize your technology investments.

Enterprises have gone through both organic and inorganic growth over the past few years. As a result, they are now struggling with a highly heterogeneous IT environment comprising different technologies, platforms and infrastructure.
Today, IT Simplification is the need of the hour for most enterprises.

The nuisance of IT, in most enterprises, is a compounding effect of the complexities originating from many sources such as inherently complex business processes, rapid pace of technology changes, immaturity in software engineering and uncontrolled technology proliferation.

Some of the usual customer concerns are:

  • How can our IT be stable, agile, adaptable and efficient?
  • Can we get an already existing mess in order?
  • How can Application Portfolio Management as a practice help our organization achieve simplification?
  • When is the time right to drive strategic transformation?
  • How does one accelerate their transformation program - for application modernization, application rationalization, application consolidation or technology standardization?

TCS MasterCraft provides a one stop solution for all the above concerns! With technology products such as TCS MasterCraft's Application Portfolio Manager, an organization can effectively manage its portfolio through digitization and automation. TCS MasterCraft offers a set of unique products that enables organizations to analyze and rationalize their application landscape.

A specialized set of TCS MasterCraft products can be harnessed to accelerate the organization’s transformation journey and enjoy the benefits of a modernized applications portfolio and optimized technology investments.

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