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pTransform: Making enterprise privacy safe

Did you know that more than 80% of data hacking is done by outside entities? Data privacy and protection are no longer a good-to-have features for an enterprise but has become a mandatory part of any enterprise’s security portfolio.

In this newsletter, we discuss how a unique suite of TCS MasterCraft products can ensure that only right data reaches the right people at any given timediscuss how a unique suite of TCS MasterCraft products can ensure that only right data reaches the right people at any given.

Catch the February 2015 edition of TCS MasterCraft quarterly newsletter featuring research from Gartner. We discuss the need for any enterprise’s data to be protected from internal and external hackers.

In the era of big data, with billions of data being created every day, data security and privacy has become indispensable. The average cost of security related incidents is estimated to be over $40 million across the businesses. Data, be it in databases or applications, in production or non-production environments need to be safeguarded.

Enterprises have been very poor in abiding by privacy regulations. Ensuring data privacy, most of the times proves to be an expensive affair! It becomes imperative for the enterprises to separate application development from privacy and data access concerns. This is where data masking tools have gained prominence.

Any enterprise should follow the given practices while adopting data masking tools:

  • Adopt more than one data masking technology. Together, they cover a broader spectrum of use cases and life cycle phases
  • Adopt technologies that offer masking for a variety of platforms. These address enterprises' heterogeneity of platforms
  • Consider vendors that offer a variety of data masking technologies for a variety of platforms

In this newsletter, we focus on the high level goals to be achieved in order to ensure seamless privacy transformation for any organization. We have then attempted to identify the hurdles to be overcome and the final state to be considered in order to achieve a privacy transformation within your organization.

We also highlight how TCS MasterCraft suite of products provides static, dynamic and hybrid data masking of PII fields based on configurable Privacy Policies. TCS MasterCraft products address the data privacy needs of the enterprise using Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

Only an efficient data masking tool can ensure the right amount of data disclosure without compromising on the privacy of the data subjects, thereby complying with OECD’s Use Limit Principle.

This newsletter also features, the Gartner research report titled 'How Data Masking Evolves to Protect Data from Insiders and Outsiders', that highlights Data masking, which is focused on protecting data from insiders and outsiders, should be a must-have technology in enterprises’ security portfolios.

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