Analyst Report

ARC View: TCS PLM Reference Model Can Add Value

The ARC report describes how TCS' PLM Reference Model helps companies capture business and manufacturing processes and map these to a PLM solution set that can help manufacturers get their products to market faster, more efficiently and at less cost.

According to the report, TCS can help small and medium sized companies bring speed and ensure a robust PLM solution. TCS brings in-depth understanding and experience on the product development process and PLM capabilities, as well as access to best practices. The reference model also functions as a tool to help companies through the challenging process of evaluating, selecting and implementing a PLM solution.

A significant number of companies today lack the internal resources and expertise required to develop a comprehensive PLM architecture based on design/build processes and company business models. Typically, a company will need much more than just a high-level view that enables them to map product development, manufacturing and production processes to a dizzying array of PLM solutions.

The TCS PLM Process Reference Model offers companies a comprehensive set of process maps that allow users to define business, engineering and manufacturing processes that include use cases, best practices and functional requirements.

Download the ARC View (PDF, 54 KB)