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TCS is the only IT services organization to be a part of ISO 15926 real time interoperability network grid (iRING) Version 1.0.0

The US FIATECH construction industry consortium and the Norwegian POSC Caesar organization today announced the launch of a new standards-based interoperability infrastructure, the ISO 15926 real time interoperability network grid (iRING) Version 1.0.0. The project aims to ease information transfer from engineering contractors to owner operators and to assure lifecycle data management of plant and production facilities.

The iRING was developed successfully through a collaborative implementation sub-project called the Camelot. Camelot was led by Bechtel and the IDS-ADI project Steering Committee. TCS was the only IT services company to be a part of this prestigious project.

TCS speaks on iRING and Increasing acceptance of ISO 15926

Commenting on the increasing acceptance of ISO 15926, Hasit Kaji, Vice President and Head of Energy, Resource & Utilities Vertical, Tata Consultancy Services said "With the advent of ISO 15926 as a key standard for life cycle information management, and its potential to address the interoperability challenges for construction and the oil and gas industry, it was only natural for TCS to align its efforts with ongoing implementation initiatives. With our strong capabilities in Semantic Web Technologies, we are pursuing an ambitious roadmap to provide solutions and services around ISO 15926."

"When we learned about iRING, we knew that it would be a precursor to the beginning of the interoperability era. We are elated at the successful completion of iRING 1.0.0 and are proud to contribute to this initiative," said Sasthi Halder who heads the Resources (Construction, Metals & Mining) Sub-Vertical at TCS.

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